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October 31, 2006, 10:54 am
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Today it is officially four weeks until we pack everything up (well, we might start packing before then-ha!) and move our lives to the Bay of plenty. I’m a little excited, and a little terrified about making such a big change.
I’ve been feeling really sad about leaving Nelson, as it really is my favourite place to live. We’re moving to Whakatane to be closer to family, but in doing that we also miss out on a few things as Whakatane is pretty teeny tiny.
I’ve decided to make a few lists! I’m going to make a top ten list of things I’ll miss/ things I’m looking fwd to for both Nelson and Whakatane. Lists always make me feel better : )
So here goes.
Things I’m going to miss about Nelson:

(image from
1. The Queen’s gardens. These really are the perfect place for a picnic. I’ve spent so many hours lounging on the grass, having crazy vegan picnics with my friends, feeding the ducks with the babies and sitting enjoying the peace.
2. My stitch n bitch group. It took me two years to find it, but it’s been such a wonderful group for me. I’ve made some lovely good friends and I’ve seen some lovely crafts (although I must admit we do alot more bitching, and eating, than stitching!). Thanks to Melissa for starting it, and inviting me!
3. The St Vincent de paul op shop. I’ve spent so many hours, and probably hundreds of dollars here! I worked at this op shop for a few weeks before I fell pregnant with Aesop, and I still visit at least three times a week. They have the best, cheapest fabric in town and a great selection of everything else too! I recommend this above all the rest!
4. Lambretta’s cafe. This place has great food, and great soy chai. It has good toys, which is very important! and despite it lacking the laid back hippy feel that some of the Nelson cafes have, its the most practical to take the kiddies too!
5. Health kids preschool. This is the preschool Aesop has been going to for the last 6 months or so. It’s been a life saver. We visited a few before decided on this one, but I was instantly won over by the huge play area, the adorable pets and the wonderfully enthusiastic teachers! I just love it when the little kids yell ‘ Ta-ta Aesop!’ when we leave. I hope we can find a good replacement in Whakatane!
(Image from
6. The Nelson arts festival. To be honest, I’ve missed most of the events each year due to lacking funds, or lacking babysitters. But this year I made the most of it. My favourite is the masked parade, hundreds of little kiddies (and adults!) in homemade and painted masks! Such an awesome idea, and project for kids!
7. The Maitai river. It is so amazing to me to live in a city and have a river, running right through town, that in most parts is clean enough to swim in! I remember the year I moved to nelson, we made friends with some crazy punk kids, and they would show up at our house every single day of the summer at 4pm and we’d all go swimming in the river. Such good times.
8.  The markets. Nelson has a huge market on a saturday where you can buy everything from art to vegies. It’s got such a great atmosphere and such a great variety of people. And then, as if that wasn’t good enough, on a sunday if you can get up early enough there is a treasure trove of junk at the flea market! Oh the sweet things I’ve found!
Myhouse1 Myhouse2 Myhouse3
. My house! We have had three houses since we moved here, the first a great big old falling down place that I’m not quite sure how we survived a winter in, a little cosy back flat that was perfect when Aesop was little but we quickly out grew, and then this house. This house is perched on a hill overlooking most of Nelson. It’s big and roomy with wooden floors and glass doorhandles. It has a huge yard, a vege garden and a beautiful sunny deck. It was such a good find and I’m really going to struggle to beat in in my mind!
10. The nelson Refuse centre. This place is so magical to me. Imagine a HUGE shed (well two now!) filled with other peoples junk, all dusty and containing just a few treasures. Imagine having to dig through musty old things to find the most amazing vintage goodies. THAT is the Nelson recycling centre, and oh boy I’m sad to say goodbye!


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um, yup. I’m going to comment on all your posts.
I love nelson too, for all those reasons and more. Lovely writing Rhiannon. We’ll miss you too.

Comment by melissa

Hello Rhiannon. Yay!!!! So happy to see you. Everything looks lovely and positive and productive. Looking forward to the Toast update m’dear.


Comment by rachael

yay!! Im pleased you are blogging again.. so pleased in fact that I’ve ventured a comment xxxxxxxx

Comment by Lissy

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