We made it.
November 28, 2006, 2:07 pm
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I thought I would just let everyone know we’ve arrived in Whakatane.
The last few days have been a bit of a stressful haze, and my head still hurts, but it’s all over.
I’m staying with mum and dad for a few days before moving into our new house (hopefully this weekend), and our things arrive here in Thursday.
I won’t have a computer for awhile once we move, and well to be honest I’m not really in a very good head space to be blogging, so I might not be around much the next week or two. But I’ll be thinking of you, and please, once in a while think of me, I could do with a little support at the moment.


Good bye sweet garden.
November 24, 2006, 8:24 pm
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I’ve said a few very sad goodbyes in the last few days. I’ve shed a few tears, and I’ve felt my heart ache a little with each one. Now, with only 3 days to go it’s time for me to start saying good-bye to my dear, dear sweet house, and it’s beautiful rambling garden.
Pinkrose Washingline Nakedladies Gardenkaye
I’ve spent many a happy afternoon the last few months pottering in my little vege garden. I grew carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spring onions, silver beet and pansies. And from out compost grew pumpkin plants, opium poppy flowers (What does that say about my compost?) and puha. Also in our garden we have feijoa trees, lemon trees, an apricot tree, grape vines, roses, lavender, pink ladies, and other beautiful flowers. It’s a fairly wild, carefree sort of garden and it’s beautiful.
To be honest, I’ve not spent as much time as I would have liked to in the backyard, as Aesop didn’t walk until just recently and didn’t like the feeling of grass on his belly and knees, but I wish I’d spent more! And I sure did spend alot of time teetering on the little step platform hanging out load after load of washing. I’ll really miss the glorious old-fashioned feeling of hanging out the clothes over looking the garden.
How do I know I won’t have that in my new house? Well I’ve found one. Well, actually mum and dad have found one. It’s pretty horrible looking, very new and umm ‘old peopley’. But it’ll be warm, its fenced, it has a dishwasher and well, it’s in a nice part of town, close to everything. I’m still feeling a little horrible about it, but perhaps with a little bit of a tweaking (think new curtains, new light fittings and maybe a lick of paint? and of course a vege garden!) I’ll be able to make it my own.
Aesop’ll be happy as long as it’s got the china cabinet.

My week in review.
November 23, 2006, 12:45 pm
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With only 4 days to pack my whole life into little brown boxes, my ‘spare’ time has been pretty limited. That said, I’ve had a lovely week.
I’ve sent off my dandylion order, sent off Toast orders, I’ve done ALOT of packing and cleaning, I’ve sold all our furniture on Trademe and I’ve bought some amazing fabrics on said auction site too.
Kirstyameliasushi Megoodbyedinner
I spent Tuesday evening at harry’s bar nattering with some lovely friends of mine. I really had such a nice time. We got dressed up, ate sushi, deep fried ice cream and I even had a cocktail! Delightful. Thank you so much girls, it was a lovely way to say goodbye!
Amelia made me this incredible, incredible necklace as my leaving present. The pendant is off a set of earrings she had many years ago, the beads are beautiful blacky brown and even the clasp is stunning. My shoddy little camera really does it no justice at all. I was just so blown away by how ‘me’ this necklace is. It’s a real talent to be able to make beautiful things, but its even more of a skill to be able to match the items with the perfect people for them. You’re got that down pat Amelia. Thank you so, so much! I love it!
Aesophair Aesoppacking_1
My little munchkin has also been great this week. He’s been getting a little emotional, I think he’s feeling a bit unsettled (which is fair enough considering most of our belongings are in boxes in the lounge!). But he’s really been so good. We’ve had so much fun dancing to our new cd (A cheesy one from the warehouse with the wiggles and the like!), chasing each other round the house, reading books and sorting through things. Aesop has really been getting into the ‘helping’ packing. He’ll yell ‘box!’ and then ‘backing!’ and throw everything into it. He also said his first three word sentence this week! ‘I like buttons!’ . I’m so proud!

Dear Melissa has taken Aesop for the morning, and he’s in preschool this afternoon, and I’ve got almost a full day to get things done without everything having to be re-packed every five minutes! So I guess my lunch break should finish here, and I should be back into it!

Cameras and carrots.
November 20, 2006, 3:54 pm
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Stripeyvtop Skirt_pinkandbrownskirt_1

I’ve spent the morning uploading more than 100 photos on my Flickr. I know that sounds like a luxuriously lax thing to be doing all morning, but believe you me it was not a simple case of sitting my bum on a chair and clicking a mouse.
Our broadband bandwidth for the month usually takes us about a week to use up, and this month has been no different. It takes at least 10 minutes just to upload 6 photos on our computer at dial-up speed!  So imagine me, loading on 6 photos to upload, running around packing boxes, changing nappies, wiping pen off walls and then quickly cut and pasting a description and title onto the photos, loading up some more and running off to pack another box, rescue a fallen toddler and clean smushed couscous off the carpet. Not so lax. But I wanted to upload pictures of all my ‘old school’ toast clothes, the ones I made before my fancy site. And I got them all done so that’s cool.
It’s really interesting that I actually feel really inspired by seeing some of the things again. Some of those designs were awesome, if I do say so myself. Although, I would give anything to be able to make them over again with the ever-so-slightly better sewing skills I have now! I can’t believe I ever sold anything, I didn’t even have an overlocker for awhile!
The one that inspire me the most? this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and the pink and brown skirt at the start of the post. I’m seriously so excited to start sewing again after this move!
Gardenharvest Dsc05413
Also today, two piles. The first, a lovely fresh bunch of baby carrots and some lettuce, both from our wee garden! Mmm don’t they look good?
And secondly, a less good looking pile. Believe it or not (Abraham will), all of this was on the floor of my studio. Yes, pins included! There must be hundreds there, it’s a wonder there weren’t more tears with all three of us never wearing any shoes! I can only hope my next house has wooden floors!

a dull grey day.
November 18, 2006, 11:37 am
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Dsc05390_3 The last two days have been the most horrible, grey, dull wet washy days. We’ve spent pretty much all of them huddled inside reading books, watching tv (I know, bad!) and doing the usual packing/cleaning/sewing things.
Days like this make me reminisce over childless days.
I remember lying in bed until 3pm on rainy days, just cuddling, talking, eating. Then spending all day sewing, or just lounging in my pyjamas. I remember eating nothing but peanut butter toast for four days in a row, and not leaving the house for even longer than that. I remember going days without getting dressed. and to be honest, these days only the sewing sounds good. and that’s such a nice, reassuring feeling. Perhaps it should rain more often!

sew, sew. sewing and pack, pack, packing.
November 16, 2006, 11:04 pm
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I promised myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t miss a day, because missing one day for me is like giving myself permission to miss a week! And I’ve just proven this to be true, I guess.
I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, as you all know. But I really do want to keep this up. So please keep up with the nagging e-mails : )
Dsc05383 Dsc05384 Dsc05385
I’ve spent the last few days doing the same things I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Sewing and packing. I’ve made 7 tops and 5 skirts to send off to Wellington (Only one bow skirt left to make!), and we’ve packed a good portion of our stuff. I’ve started to clean the house, and we’ve started to organise paperwork etc.
Due to all the moving hustle, and the sewing rush I don’t really have much else to report. But luckily for you, my dear friend Helen (Of former stripy sock fame) has been sending me lovely e-mails with links to awesome sites and has inspired me to share some sites. So here are some neat things for you to look at while you wait for me to come up with something interesting to say. ha.

*  Liana Kabel is one of my new favourite artists EVER. She makes the most delectable jewellery from things like tupperware. If you know anything about me, chances are you know that I collect tupperware (The mustard coloured set. ) and I think that these objects that Liana makes are just amazing.
* Abraham found this site and I just can’t get over how adorable and how hilarious these images are. SO cute I just can’t decide which is the cutest.
* I would dearly love to be able to afford to kit Aesop out in these clothes. they’re incredibly styley and nz made! Another nz made site. I love the shoes these people make. I’ve owned two pairs in my time and they last for a long, long time and they’re really comfy. and the best bit? They’re all considered unisex so they make ’em big enough for yetis like me! I would really love on of these hoodies. They just look  so incredibly snuggly! and environmentally friendly to boot! Annette Lauder Is a beautiful source of lovely creative goodness. She’s a Auckland lass that makes paper products from her delightful illustrations. These dinnerware sets from DaniM are really refreshing. They actually look handmade, and thats so cool. I’ve never really gotten excited over pottery or ceramics, but a set of these would make even me a little giddy! I do not suit hats at all, I do okay in a bonnet, but not a regular hat. Although I sternly believe that if I have a chiahat it would look awesome. Because how could it not?

Another one!
November 12, 2006, 3:30 pm
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I wanted also today to show you the tops I’ve been making for Dandylion. Unfortunately this was the only half decent shot I could get of one, and it really doesn’t do it justice at all. I’m so proud of these tops, I think perhaps they’re one of the best things I’ve made!
They’re a very low cut V front sleeveless top. They’re really nice and long, and all stretchy so they’re nice and comfy and they’re all made out of different patterned and plain fabrics. I drafted the pattern at my course on wednesday (yay!), and I’m really happy with how it came out. I just need to grade the pattern, because at the moment I’ve only got two sizes going.
Now to put the sunday roast in the oven and get back in the studio!