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November 1, 2006, 8:36 am
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I had a lot more trouble writing a list for Whakatane. It’s not that I don’t think there are things to look forward to, I think it’s just hard to imagine how it’s going to be. I haven’t really lived in Whakatane for about 5 years now, and it was a lot different living with my parents and going to High school than it will be living alone with a child!
But this is what I came up with:
(image from : )
1. Ohope beach. To me, this is the very best beach in the world. It has a huge long length of soft grey sand, big rolling sand dunes, spots where even in the summer you can find some peace, and most importantly.. waves! Living in Nelson I’ve really ,really learned to appreciate our little wave beach in Ohope!
2. Kope op shops. Kope is a run-down part of town. It’s about 15 minute walk from the main part, and is a little erm scummy, for lack of a better word. But that said it has three op shops within a minutes walk from each other and they have been known to contain some beautiful treasures. One of them quite often has 20c and 50c sales on clothing! I’ve had some of my best finds here and I can’t wait to be checking them 4x a week again!
(image from
3.White island Cafe. Ohhh yum! This place makes the best Chai Latte I’ve ever tasted (believe it or not!) and the food is absolutely delightful. They do the best bacon and eggs too, which is perfect for after a big night out. I doubt I’ll be able to afford to eat here much this time around, but boy oh boy will I try!
4. Cheaper groceries! Last time I was home I noticed nearly everything in the grocery stores in Whakatane was at least a few cents cheaper than Nelson. That’s always good!
5.The miniature railway. Whakatane has an awesome miniature railway that runs in the weekends. It’s big enough for  about 4 children and 4 adults, if I remember rightly, and they have two engine running. Aesop absolutely adored it last time we went, and Abraham was SO gutted he missed out.
6. Doing a bit of study. I’m hoping to do a few papers from the fashion cert. course, such as pattern drafting and fashion illustration. Should be an adventure!
7. Catching up with old friends. Alot of people I went to high school with still live in Whakatane, and the rest mostly still make the voyage back for the holidays, so it will be good to see some old friends, and perhaps make peace with a few old un-friends. : )
8. The best playgrounds in the world. (Well to me anyway!). Abraham and I spent our ‘dating’ days hanging out having picnics on playgrounds around whk so it will be nice to take Aesop and show him where we hung out, but also Whakatane really does have the best playground I’ve ever played on, right on the riverside and its amazing! (And of course I couldn’t find a picture anywhere! sigh!)
(image from
9.  Fresh berries at Julian’s. Julian’s is a huge big berry farm just a few mins out of whakatane and they have wonderful fresh ‘pick-it-yourself’ berries. They have all the usual varieties but also ones that they’re crossed and mixed themselves. We used to go every Christmas, but I think Aesop and I will need to go a little more often than that!

. Sorting my website out! I know, not a throughly ‘Whakatane’ thing to do but it will be good to get it sorted. The guys (Abraham’s brother and cousin) at Klixo have their offices in Whakatane and it’ll be good to have a good sit down and work out my mailing list etc with them, rather than chasing them down on msn like a real internet geek!

So, the moral of the story? It won’t be so bad! And now that I’ve made myself feel better regular posting can continue. hehe.


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Yaay – new blog! It looks great and is a terrific read. I’m so happy I’ll be able to get a daily fix of Rhiannon.

Best of luck with the packing and sorting, sweet one.
xx Helen

Comment by Helen

well that list sounds great! Now I want to move to Whakatane. Especially for the berries, op-shopping and beach.
Hope you’re having a great day. 🙂

Comment by melissa

I love that beach! We spent a few fab holidays there in my early years. Stayed at a motel with a concrete seal out the front and a trampoline… ahhh… those were the days….of my life…

Comment by Rachelle

I love lists. I need to start making them again. I especially love this list because it’s so hopeful and hello beautiful world like.

Love the new blog


Comment by rachael

C’mon then, where is today’s post? tee hee!

I had to come back to say that you should be on the tourism board for Whakatane because since I read this I can’t stop thinking about that beach and those 50c opshops and that berry farm…I’m thinking of following you there. (Is there much of an IT market in Whakatane – I’d need to find Fraser a job first. Ha ha!)

xx Helen

Comment by Helen

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