November 2, 2006, 11:10 pm
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A little late in the evening for this sort of thing, but I couldn’t let a day go by, otherwise I’d be throwing in the towel already! and it’s only been a few days!
Today has been a funny sort of a day. I feel like I’ve been really busy, but I don’t seem to have accomplished much. In fact that’s how alot of my days seem to be at the moment! Where does the time go?
I’ve been a little preoccupied today as well. You see, I’m getting two off my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow and I’m really ,really nervous about it. I’m not so much nervous about the actual pulling of the teeth, or even the pain so much as the sedation! I’ve never had any type of procedure or surgery before which involved sedation or being put to sleep and it’s always frightened me.
I think I have flashbacks of those terrible horror movies where the nasty villain gives the pretty young thing (that being me in this case. hehe) some sort of injection which completely paralyses her, and then he either does horrific things to her like chops her legs off, or he starts running the bath!
Now don’t get me wrong, I completely trust my dentist and his helpers not to torture or drown me. And I also do know that sedation isn’t going to lay me out completely. I just have this strong fear of being out of control! Oh well, I dear say we shall just have to wait and see how it goes as I can’t really go on with my wisdom teeth growing out frontwards now can I?

On a happier note I’ve started a huge pile of bonnets and tape bags ready to send, along with some clothes, to a new store I’ll be stocking in Wellington. I did take a picture but alas this post will be image-less as I’ve left the camera in Aesop’s room and he’s fast asleep and I’m always too scared to go into his room in case I wake him up!
So tomorrow you can expect a post choc-a-block of photos. That is if I’m not too busy feeling sorry for myself and ordering Abraham and Aesop to get me things!


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Wisdom teeth…sedation…hmm, when I had my wisdom teeth out nothng but some local anaesthetic. I hope it’s all okay and you survive with all your arms and legs and well…everything except two troublesome teeth.


Comment by rachael

good luck Rhi!
Hope it’s not as bad you think. Can’t wait to see those pictures of what you’ve been making!

Comment by melissa

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