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November 3, 2006, 7:51 pm
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Well, I survived the wretched teeth pulling!
I decided at the last minute not to get sedated, so things went a little differently than planned. But all in all it didn’t hurt that much, and now it does! yeouch!
Unfortunately the big photo post will have to wait until tommorrow when my head (hopefully) feels a little better. I also took pictures of the big holes in my jaw! wahoo! See you then xx


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Get well soon, petal. Thinking of you!

BTW – thank you for that tea cup card. It’s on my mantle and I’ve been gazing at it all week. Lovely and perfection. xx

Comment by Helen

I’m glad it went well. Secretly, I really badly need to go to the dentist but I’m phobic. Last time I went I was vomiting and crying, shaking and hyperventilating. But you’ve been brave and I can too, right? right?

I hope the hurting stops and the swelling goes down real soon. Post-op photos!!!
feel better soon


Comment by rachael

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