A little less wise.
November 4, 2006, 7:49 pm
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My mouth is throbbing, my pillow is covered in blood, and I have two gaping holes in the back of my jaw! But never-the-less I’ve had a fairly productive day, and to be honest it hasn’t been as bad as I’ve expected it to be.
I arrived at the dental surgery as nervous as anything. I had clammy hands and twitchy feet. And of course I was early so I had plenty of time to sit and fret in the waiting room!
I felt a little better when I sat in the chair and was told that the sedation wasn’t a necessity but rather just an option should I find that I’m getting to anxious during the procedure! Phew! That was most of my worries out the window right there!
So I squinched and tensed my way through the local injections (which in the end turned out to be the worst part!), and squinched and squirmed through them again as they didn’t work the first time. Then I lay back, watched ‘Days of our lives’ on the TV on the ceiling and trying not to think about all the drilling, chiseling and yanking that was going on in my mouth.
Luckily for me the dentist I went to works out of a beautiful old cottage style building, so despite the horrible reason I was there, it was so nice to sit in a lovely room with beautiful blue walls, vintage blue and gold curtains and an amazing glass light fitting! Somehow things like that always make me feel better.
Last nights pain wasn’t so bad, and I’ve been okay today to, after a few hours of severe pain this morning. So all in all, I’ve decided I’m pretty tough. ha. I’m hoping you’re tough too, cause I took a picture of my giant mouth gaps (and one which was meant to show all the blood on my teeth and tongue, but ends up just making me look like a horse!Haha I had to post it anyway!):

Mouthhole_1  Horseteeth

On a less painful note: I’ve not gotten enough sewing done to put up pictures of what I’ve been working on, but since I promised pictures, here are some of whats been happening around my house the last few days.
1. Fabric that I got in the ‘fill-a-bag for $2’ sale at St Vinnies the other day. Sooo much goodness for only $2! 
.My beautiful, beautiful ratbaggy son. He’s such a good boy, but really really testing a the moment ( I think the combination of my sore teeth, and his toddlerhood aren’t great). He’s so adorable when he’s asleep though, I just had to share!
3. Pack, pack packing! Everything around here is being boxed and piled up! With only just over three weeks to go we’re starting to really get into the packing! (it doesn’t help that Aesop insists on un-packing nearly everything at least once! We should have started weeks ago!)

Hopefully tomorrow my glands will have gone down a little, and I’ll be feeling a little more like crafting and well.. living. ha But until then, if you realllly need some toasty pictures you can check out my new update! Wahoo 12 new items on my website! See you tomorrow!


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I have to say, you’re the cutest horse I’ve ever seen!! And did I say BRAVE? okay, brave.

Happy packing. Make sure you label the boxes. The worst thing is thinkng you know what’s in each one but in actualty having no clue.


Comment by rachael

Good luck with healing, packing and moving. THinking of you, sweets!

Comment by Helen

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