Flowers, fireworks and dolls!
November 6, 2006, 7:29 pm
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so, I officially had my first day with no entry yesterday! I know, I swore it wouldn’t happen, but by golly I’m so sleep-deprived and sore due to my horrible holes that I just had to give it a miss!
The last few days have been a flurry of pain relief, rain clouds and fireworks.
Fireworks1 Fireworks
Last night was officially Guy Fawkes night, but it seems like people have been celebrating every night for the last week! so people else let off their fireworks during the day!
I’m one of those fuddy duddy old people who believes fireworks shouldn’t be sold to individuals, but rather should be kept for awesome big public displays. It might have something to do with the ridiculous number of fires they cause each year, due to idiotic people who like to use them in silly ways! Or it might have something to do with our neighbours feeling the need to wait until 11 o clock to start their really loud fireworks right outside Aesop’s window!
That said I do think if you’re going to sell fireworks to people they might as well bring back the actual cool fireworks (like buzzy bees, skyrockets, double happy’s.. and every other super dangerous firework we LOVED as kids! ). End rant/
I have a had a few things happen the last few days which have made me Happy though. Aesop has been really lovely to me today and yesterday. Really cuddly, and super cute. He runs around the house yelling ‘Hi couscous! Hey dude!’ and who can be sad with that?
We have continued with our mission to pack at least one box a day, and today we packed the ‘crazy things we never use’ box. Which included a hairdresser’s mannequin head I bought in Holland, some cat ears, fairy wings, some of my old paintings from polytech and numerous other weird things.
Aesopmannequin1 Aesopmannequin
Aesop loved the Mannequin. And delighted in squeezing her nose and yelling ‘honk!honk!beeeep!"

And one last thing that made me smile a big wide smile:
My lovely friend Shanine arrived at my house yesterday bearing amazing flowers from her mum’s garden, and a big box of panadol. What a sweetheart.


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I agree about the fireworks. We went and shared some wth a few friends. The kds loved it and it was fun for awhile. But my god the smoke and the smell and the noise. I couldn’t help myself from thinking (because I’m such a no fun geek) that it’s so bad for the environment. We not only let off all those chemicals and fumes but the debris as well. Public dsplays…yep, that’s the one.

Beautiful flowers, beautiful boy. Hey dude!!! How cute is that? Glad you’re feelng a little better.


Comment by rachael

cute boy- I agree, ‘hey dude’ from Aesop would cheer anyone up!
I am so with you on the fireworks, too. I really hate them being used in suburbia, and the main reason is that it’s cruel to animals! Last night our neighbours lit fireworks right outside the kids’ window, and it was so loud, but just as loud was the sound of the dogs howling all over town. poor things…

Comment by melissa

I couldn’t agree more about fireworks, loud explosions late at night = no good for me, cats, or sleeping baby! Your wee boy is just gorgeous, love his cat ears. Hope your mouth’s getting better, sounded like a full on operation – it made for a great horse face photo though!

Comment by jillian

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