Posting, less pain and a little productivity!
November 8, 2006, 5:44 pm
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Goodness me! Another missed day yesterday! I’m a little disappointed that I’m not managing to keep up with this everyday, but perhaps I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself. I am, afterall recovering (and menstruating, which never, ever helps.)
But I’m back today in full force after a lovely two days of sewing, shopping, posting and actual sleep! All aided by the wonderfully strong painkillers prescribed by the dentist yesterday, and of course some good ole panadol! I’m feeling a LOT better, but my words are a little scrambled, I hope you can understand this!
Dsc05330_1I’ve had a few orders and things to send off this week, as well as my nerve-wrecking first box of goodies to send to Dandylion boutique in Wellington. I’m really, really nervous about selling my things in a store. I’ve had my bags and badges in stores before, and that for some reason doesn’t worry me so much, but with clothing it’s a whole other story. I’m always just so unsure whether I should lower my prices right down and rip myself off a little, or to get what I need to get and have them sell the items for exhuberantly sums and risk them not selling at all? I guess it all boils back down to my utter lack of confidence when it comes to pricing. Thank goodness I have someone else to price things for me!

After spending almost $50 at the post office yesterday (?! on three parcels! Dsc05332_1
No wonder the foreign  guy next to me was swearing at them when they told
him how much his parcel was going to cost!) I couldn’t afford to buy ribbon for the bonnets I finished making the other night so they’ll have to wait until payday, but at least now I’ve got 16 new bonnets stockpiled to save the rush next craftwerk!

I did manage to afford a few sneaky things at the op-shop and well, a few even sneakier things at a clothing store, but that’s a whole post in itself, so I’m off to gt ready for my pattern drafting course, only two more night left, and I don’t feel like I’ve really learnt anything! darn!


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gosh, it looks like you have been busy. I think it’s nice to go get a few sneaky things now and again. I’ve been having really good luck finding fabulous dresses and skirts at op-shops lately. It’s the stopping that’s hard though isn’t it? I have plenty for summer now but I’m sure I’ll find something else when I go to town tomorrow.

I think your things will be just perfect in dandylion. What are you sending? I do so love that shop.


Comment by rachael

My parcel arrived so thank you!!!!!!!!!! Another fantastic bag! Clever gal!

Comment by Rachelle

I think it is miraculous how much you are achieving given your current circumstances (healing, moving house, child to look after etc.) so if the blog comes last – so be it. The blog is great and people will definitely wait a day or so for another post!

xxx Helen xxxx

Comment by Helen

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