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November 9, 2006, 10:07 am
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I thought I’d make a quick mark here before I really start my day.
Aesop is in bed ‘trying’ to have a nap, which these days isn’t usually very successful. He doesn’t normally sleep in the mornings, but lately he’s had a few days where he’s just been so grumpy and grizzly that I’ve put him down and he’s gone straight to sleep, a mere 2 hours after he woke up! I’m guessing today isn’t one of those days so I’ll have to type quickly!
We’ve just had the cleaners around to give us a quote. By golly I wish I had more time to do the cleaning myself cause phooooey that’s an expensive thing to have done. They’re only doing the carpet in the lounge, the oven, the bathroom and toilet and a general wipe down of the kitchen (not incl inside the cupboards). And they think it’s going to take 5 hours and cost $150! I swear I could do it in three! But really I just couldn’t handle the stress of having yet another thing to worry about, so I suppose I should just close my mouth and open my purse!
Okay, so this is what I bought yesterday at the op shop:
Dsc05334_1 Dsc05335_1
(I really should learn to take pictures all one way, so I don’t end up with huge blank spaces in the middle of my posts!)
Pieces of beautiful fabric, including some amazing black and red paisley corduroy, lots of nice yellow ribbon, some crazy crochet ribbon stuff in neon green, two table cloths and that incredible half finished x-stitch napkin. I looove cross stitch. Now I just need to pack it all! he!
On a completely different note:My dear partner, and musical genius Abraham has put out a record! And when I say record I mean like actually on vinyl! He and our friend Reuben collaborated on a project called ‘Business persons’, where Abraham and Reuben rapped over some of Abraham’s beats. They made about 10 songs I think, and they got the best two put onto vinyl! Isn’t that clever? The music is great, the rapping is great and it’s great. I’m so proud.
(And just to make all this boasting seem like an infomercial haha, If anyone is interested you can obtain a copy for just $20 incl. postage by e-mailling me : ) it’s worth every cent!)


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eek- that cleaning really does sound expensive…
Congratulations to Abraham on his record- I love the fact that it actually IS vinyl- awesome.
And your fabric looks lovely too as always!

Comment by melissa

Thanks sweetheart. I really like your blog too.

Comment by Abraham

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