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November 11, 2006, 11:53 pm
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Never fear blog, I have not given up! I am merely swamped by other less exciting tasks!
After spending an afternoon packing away all my fabric and sewing goodies, I received an e-mail from Dandylion yesterday. Seeing Lorene’s name on the e-mail I immediately thought ‘ Oh nooo, she’s received my things and they’re dumb/too expensive/not what she wanted etc’ but amazingly enough it was an e-mail saying how much they suited the shop, and how she wanted more more more! That’s all well and good, but I have nothing else made! So out comes my sewing things again, and I’ve been sewing my guts out for the last day and a half, and will have to continue to do so for about another week and a bit! I know I could have just said no, and given myself one less thing to stress about, but really it’s such an awesome feeling to know that things are selling and people as awesome as Lorene think they’re neat, that it’s worth the hustle to get things made!
As well as sewing, I’ve been organising things for the Sunday market tomorrow. We have SO much junk to get rid of, and I had to sort through to figure out what can be sold and what needs to be trashed directly (Seeing as we only have the back of the car to fill!). As you can see, I had my work cut out for me, and thats not even everything! Hopefully I can make enough money tomorrow to cover the stall fee, and to put a little towards that huge cleaning bill that’s coming very quickly my way!
Also, here’s a hypothetical question for you: Is stealing always wrong? Say you saw something, belonging to an individual, that was not being used by anyone, and was quite blatantly obviously not being very appreciated, and you knew you could use it alot and make alot of people very happy by using it, is it wrong to take it? (Presuming that the person might not even notice, at least not for quite some time.) I guess its a little like the whole robin hood thing, taking from the rich to give to the poor. What do you think?


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tricky I think because where do you draw the line? Is it okay to steal a pair of Nike trainers because obviously that company makes an enormous profit?

Maybe it depends on the specific circumstances but who is to say what stealng is ethical or at least okay and what is not?

none of which has really answered your question

Comment by rachael

stealing is stealing. you have to ask yourself whether you feel ok about it.
i think stealing and making a profit from your stealing is not that great.
but i can’t talk, i make money of unlceared samples.

there has to be a way to offset that karma.

Comment by Abraham

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