My Sunday.
November 12, 2006, 3:24 pm
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After sewing and sewing last night until about midnight, I collapsed into bed ready to nod straight off to sleep. Instead Abraham noticed a big white tail spider in the corner and we spent the next half hour trying to squish him, and bickering over who was brave enough to actually do it! By the time we decided the spider had gone into hiding in the window sill.
So when I awoke to my alarm at 6:30 this morning I was already knackered before I even got up. But none-the-less I got out of bed, did everything I needed to do, and then at about eight, I packed all of the junk into Chris’s car, packed Aesop off with Melissa (thank you sooo much), and went off to do the Sunday market!
I had a really good time actually, despite a few spots of rain and a wet bottom from the concrete. I made enough money to cover a fair bit of the cleaning, got to have a little chat with Amelia, who was also having a stall, and had some really neat conversations with some weird and wonderful locals.
One of the things I promised myself about today was that I wouldn’t buy anything. I mean, afterall, we are trying to get rid of things, not accumulate more. And I was doing so, so well until about 1/2 an hour before I packed up. I went to say a quick ‘hello’ to Amelia and I was absolutely wowed by something I saw in her market neighbours’ stall.
Dsc05339 Dsc05340 Dsc05341
I saw the suitcases first. My initial thought? Pixigenne, of course. I just pictured them covered in wonderful old pictures, perhaps 50’s fashion ads? but then I realised I’m not very good at fiddly things like that, and well..pixiegenne lives too far away! Hopefully they’ll look lovely in my living room just as they are.
Once I had bought the suitcases (for only $2 might I add!) I rummaged around the stall and found a few little books, and then.. as if by fate.. I found a box full to the brim of cotton patch-working fabrics. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, I found another, and another! Now, I’m not usually one to gt gooey over patchwork fabric, but I am the very last person to pass up a bargain. So I had to snatch up nearly a whole box of that too!
But My favourite purchase? Well there’s two. This adorable vintage children’s fabric, which not only has any amazing print but is also corduroy! I love me some patterned cord. And then this absolutely mind blowing art print. It’s on thick calico, and its about two metres by two metres. The Venus ( I think that’s who it is) is almost as tall as me! I can just envision it behind the head of my bed in my new bedroom!
So I didn’t really succeed in my substaining from buying, but I did meet a guy who bought a whole box of things from me (three sets of scales, some fabric, a viewmaster and some books) and he’s moving house this afternoon, so I feel a little better about myself!


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When Sage was going to bed last night he came running out to tell me there was a big spider in his bed and guess what? It was the biggest white tail spider I have ever seen. I must admit that I collected it up and took it outside to let it our far far away from the house. I know they are mean and kill other spiders but I just couldn’t bring myself to kill it. Sage was bitten three times on the leg by a white tal when he was around one. He has scars and all. They really are mean and nasty.

Comment by rachael

oooohh those suitcases are the best! you should definitely cover them. or leave them. either way – great score! (plus the fabric is all too great).

Comment by meg

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