a dull grey day.
November 18, 2006, 11:37 am
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Dsc05390_3 The last two days have been the most horrible, grey, dull wet washy days. We’ve spent pretty much all of them huddled inside reading books, watching tv (I know, bad!) and doing the usual packing/cleaning/sewing things.
Days like this make me reminisce over childless days.
I remember lying in bed until 3pm on rainy days, just cuddling, talking, eating. Then spending all day sewing, or just lounging in my pyjamas. I remember eating nothing but peanut butter toast for four days in a row, and not leaving the house for even longer than that. I remember going days without getting dressed. and to be honest, these days only the sewing sounds good. and that’s such a nice, reassuring feeling. Perhaps it should rain more often!


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I have the housen to myself, i’m surfing the net, i’m planning a johnny depp film festival and i’m in my favourite pjs, they have kittens on them.

I’m also making jewellery and badges and thinking how will craftwerk work without you?

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