Cameras and carrots.
November 20, 2006, 3:54 pm
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Stripeyvtop Skirt_pinkandbrownskirt_1

I’ve spent the morning uploading more than 100 photos on my Flickr. I know that sounds like a luxuriously lax thing to be doing all morning, but believe you me it was not a simple case of sitting my bum on a chair and clicking a mouse.
Our broadband bandwidth for the month usually takes us about a week to use up, and this month has been no different. It takes at least 10 minutes just to upload 6 photos on our computer at dial-up speed!  So imagine me, loading on 6 photos to upload, running around packing boxes, changing nappies, wiping pen off walls and then quickly cut and pasting a description and title onto the photos, loading up some more and running off to pack another box, rescue a fallen toddler and clean smushed couscous off the carpet. Not so lax. But I wanted to upload pictures of all my ‘old school’ toast clothes, the ones I made before my fancy site. And I got them all done so that’s cool.
It’s really interesting that I actually feel really inspired by seeing some of the things again. Some of those designs were awesome, if I do say so myself. Although, I would give anything to be able to make them over again with the ever-so-slightly better sewing skills I have now! I can’t believe I ever sold anything, I didn’t even have an overlocker for awhile!
The one that inspire me the most? this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and the pink and brown skirt at the start of the post. I’m seriously so excited to start sewing again after this move!
Gardenharvest Dsc05413
Also today, two piles. The first, a lovely fresh bunch of baby carrots and some lettuce, both from our wee garden! Mmm don’t they look good?
And secondly, a less good looking pile. Believe it or not (Abraham will), all of this was on the floor of my studio. Yes, pins included! There must be hundreds there, it’s a wonder there weren’t more tears with all three of us never wearing any shoes! I can only hope my next house has wooden floors!


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O mi lord – I just went and looked at all your old goodies! You are so so clever – so many good things. I loved the “home spun” brooch! I also absolutely adore the above pocket skirt! PLEASE make some more pocket skirts! It looks all comfortable and cute and useful all at once – my facourite three criteria for a piece of clothing.

Comment by Helen

i second the above… the pocket skirt is really cute and looks *comfy* too! it was great fun to check out your older pieces… very inventive but wearable too.
and those carrots…!! i tried to do carrots this fall but alas, critters in the garden nibbled the greens down to nubs. i have left 5 or 6 in the hopes of having a snack next month, but it was quite sad. maybe next year…

Comment by amisha

wow! I love your brooches and belts. And I like the skrts with asymmetrical hemlines. Clever you and what a good idea to photograph everything. (I’d probably forget).

I hope all your packing up is gong well and I think getting anything extra to looking after lttle ones is a major achievement. Only people who don’t have kiddies might think uploading photos sounds like a relaxed, laid back thing to be doing! You’re a star.

Comment by rachael

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