Good bye sweet garden.
November 24, 2006, 8:24 pm
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I’ve said a few very sad goodbyes in the last few days. I’ve shed a few tears, and I’ve felt my heart ache a little with each one. Now, with only 3 days to go it’s time for me to start saying good-bye to my dear, dear sweet house, and it’s beautiful rambling garden.
Pinkrose Washingline Nakedladies Gardenkaye
I’ve spent many a happy afternoon the last few months pottering in my little vege garden. I grew carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spring onions, silver beet and pansies. And from out compost grew pumpkin plants, opium poppy flowers (What does that say about my compost?) and puha. Also in our garden we have feijoa trees, lemon trees, an apricot tree, grape vines, roses, lavender, pink ladies, and other beautiful flowers. It’s a fairly wild, carefree sort of garden and it’s beautiful.
To be honest, I’ve not spent as much time as I would have liked to in the backyard, as Aesop didn’t walk until just recently and didn’t like the feeling of grass on his belly and knees, but I wish I’d spent more! And I sure did spend alot of time teetering on the little step platform hanging out load after load of washing. I’ll really miss the glorious old-fashioned feeling of hanging out the clothes over looking the garden.
How do I know I won’t have that in my new house? Well I’ve found one. Well, actually mum and dad have found one. It’s pretty horrible looking, very new and umm ‘old peopley’. But it’ll be warm, its fenced, it has a dishwasher and well, it’s in a nice part of town, close to everything. I’m still feeling a little horrible about it, but perhaps with a little bit of a tweaking (think new curtains, new light fittings and maybe a lick of paint? and of course a vege garden!) I’ll be able to make it my own.
Aesop’ll be happy as long as it’s got the china cabinet.


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the garden is beautiful… i can imagine how hard it is to leave it. somehow those places where you have planted become a part of you in a different way, i think. but… even if the new house is a bit not-you now it will be soon… with the garden especially! and never underestimate the power of paint! our house right now was very staid and dull and blah before we moved in, and we have just painted our hearts out and decorated and now its *ours* and we love it.
hugs and hope the rest of the packing goes well…

Comment by amisha

Hope the move goes well, my love – happy to be having you on the same island! I hope you’ll come and have a wee holiday with me and rach sometime.

Good luck with the summer of nesting!
xx Helen

Comment by Helen

Too cute..our sons look they were separated at birth, even wear the same shoes!!! i’ll have to send you a pic soon!

Comment by Jessica

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