We made it.
November 28, 2006, 2:07 pm
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I thought I would just let everyone know we’ve arrived in Whakatane.
The last few days have been a bit of a stressful haze, and my head still hurts, but it’s all over.
I’m staying with mum and dad for a few days before moving into our new house (hopefully this weekend), and our things arrive here in Thursday.
I won’t have a computer for awhile once we move, and well to be honest I’m not really in a very good head space to be blogging, so I might not be around much the next week or two. But I’ll be thinking of you, and please, once in a while think of me, I could do with a little support at the moment.


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lots of love coming your way, my sweet.

Comment by rachael

knuffel* ik denk aan jou!

Comment by anuriitta

so glad you have arrived safe and sound. 🙂
i feel bad that I didn’t get a proper chance to say *goodbye* and THANKYOU for the amazing contents of your pantry!
Thinking of you at the moment. xx Melissa

Comment by melissa

Welcome to your new little home
i hope it brings you all loads of love and laughter

Comment by sue

sending you warm hugs and good thoughts for moving in…
and wanted to tell you that the dress arrived yesterday and it is *beautiful*… thank you so much. is that your new address on the package? if not could you drop me a line with it?
alright dear… warm thoughts your way… you can do it!

Comment by amisha

glad to hear you made it safe. all the best to you and your family on the change of scene!
your package arrived here in NJ(US) just yesterday, i cannot believe how quickly!! well, i just had to give my sister her things early (birthday and christmas gifts!!) we were so excited trying on our Toasty wears!! Thank You so much again.

enjoy your new home!

Comment by Jessica

Happy you made it, sad your gone. Sewing night was sooo quiet with out you. But I hope that you enjoy your new/old home.

Comment by Amelia

Glad you made it safely! Take care!

Comment by Rachelle

Just found your blog,after looking at Tiny Happy’s.
Good luck, and all the best in your new home! I can see why you will miss your lovely garden, but I am sure you will transform your new home in time. I suppose you cant wait to get organised, PC on line, sewing machine in place, and get life back to normal.

Have started a new blog recently, and if you’d like to look, the details are

Will keep looking, take care!

Shazzer : )

Comment by craftytrundler

I hope everything is going well my dear. You’re in a lovely part of the world, I have very fond memories of the pool at the local Travel Lodge there…

Comment by Martha

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