The beginning of something beautiful?
December 13, 2006, 2:25 pm
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Cactus Computer Studio Xmastree Studio1

We’ve moved into our new house. It’s a really strange feeling to be living all by ourselves, and in a house we didn’t really choose ourselves. But now that we’ve moved in some of our things (and as much furniture as we could muster, we’re still lacking a few things.) and given it a little bit of home, it’s starting to feel that way. We’ve put up our Christmas tree (and decorated, pulled everything off, redecorated and pulled everything off again every single day since. Thanks Aesop!) and we’ve slowly started to get our ‘studio’ organised.
The house is much, much better than I was expecting. It’s light, warm, big and practical. The hideous wallpaper looks much less gash in real life, and the gawdy lightshades are also not as bad as they seemed. We have a water filter, biiig wardrobes, garden sheds, a lemon tree, carpet in the bathroom (?!) and a heatpump. I can actually see myself staying here for quite some time.
Obviously I couldn’t last very long without a computer, so I’ve had to put one on HP. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll pay it off, but I was going crazy without one! As you can see from the picture she’s a beautiful flat-screened black thing. I named her Ursala. So far I’m mostly just trying to get everything installed and ready to go. Soon I’ll be able to do all my website things from here too. Yay!
And I’ll finally be able to reply to some of my ka-jillion e-mails!

I promised myself at the beginning of this blog I wouldn’t get too ‘personal’, so I won’t go into detail, but I thought I’d just give a little warning: Life is pretty crazy for us at the moment. Things are very up and down, and a little shakey.Also I’m not really doing any crafting yet, so entries will be a little sparse until the new year probably.
Buttons Buttons2
That said I have been op-shopping a few times and boy-oh-boy what scores! Yesterday I bought a whole huge biscuit tin of buttons for pretty much nothing, and amongst the white shirt buttons I found at least 200 of these amazing, beautiful vintage gems. Also about 15 little bells, and those five vintage buckles. I got the whole jar (hundreds and hundreds, maybe more!), and three pieces of lovely fabric (at least three metres a piece) for only $6.50! Ohhhh boy. I really hope I get my ‘sewing mojo’ back soon because I’ve got some beautiful things to work with!


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Glad to hear you are settling in OK, dear one.

Great score at the opshop! Yummy buttons!

Thinking of you-

Comment by Helen

wow- what an op-shop score! Your house looks sweet, like you’ve made it very homely. Lots of love!

Comment by melissa

I’m so jealous of your buttons! You have some really beautiful ones there.

Comment by julia

I’m glad you have some nice feelngs about your new home. Your fabric cupboard looks amazing! Take care sweet


Comment by rachael

so so happy to see that you’re moved in safe and sound and starting to settle in… it looks very sweet and i am very impressed that you have managed to do decorating as well 🙂
the fabric cupboard is indeed amazing too. that is one good thing about moving… that fabulous and brief (for me anyway 🙂 ) time when everything is organized and put neatly on the shelf! and lovely buttons… can’t wait to see what you do with them.

Comment by amisha

Great to hear your settling in to your new place! Look at all that fabric!!!!

Comment by Rachelle

Wow, you are so organised, you even have a Christmas tree. Your house looks lovely. We are thinking of you.

Comment by Amelia

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