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December 19, 2006, 10:53 pm
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I just went to the movies for the first time in almost four years! It’s amazing how quickly time passes. There’s just always been an excuse, and then by the end of the ‘draught’ the excuse was simply thar I hadn’t been for so long. Almost like I’d talked myself into believing I really didn’t enjoy it.
Tonight was the last ‘cheap tuesday’ for the year, and my good friend Julie-anne decided we should go and see ‘The Holiday’. I figured a good light hearted chick flick, at almost half the price, was the perfect leap back into movie-dom. I must admit I was a little nervous (for completely unknown reasons), but I must say, despite the numb bottom and buying a drink much too large, it was throughly enjoyable.
The_holiday_jack_black Jackblack
The movie itself was fairly ho-hum. A few little giggles, an almost tear and some definite understanding feelings. But the highlight? Jack black.
I’ve never really paid much attention to him before, I’m not a huge fan of typical silly comedy type movies, and unfortunately that seems to be a fairly standard genre for him. But I was so throughly impressed.
Not only do I think he did a superb job acting, and had a really neat part. But I have decided that should I ever go on the ‘look out’ for another man, I want one just like him. (Or like his character at least.). He was so funny, so kind, so ‘real’ and so, so sweet.
What do you think my chances are of meeting him in a small bar in a tiny town like Whakatane?


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4 years?!? wow. i am a bit of a movie junkie so that seems like a terribly long time… going tomorrow in fact, to see “the queen” with helen mirren.
i am very torn about jack black. somehow i always feel like i am not hip enough for him 🙂

Comment by amisha

Well – if you liked him in this, you’ll LLOOVEE him in High Fidelity – which is one of my favourite movies. He’s also cute in ‘School of Rock’ and obnoxious and funny in ‘Orange County’.

Comment by Helen

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