oh me oh my!
December 19, 2006, 2:27 pm
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Okay, so yesterday was lovely. I recieved a delightful letter asking me to consider showing a ‘collection’ at a fashion show in Wellington in April! Me! Showing a ‘collection’! So, so exciting.
Needless to say my brain has been a flutter with ideas, thoughts and hopes. I’ve been through my many, many folders of inspiration, andthrouh my patterns and books looking for anything that might spark me.
Here’s what I’ve come up with so far: ever-so-slightly cropped, hooded jackets, a-line skirts with gathered insets, big ‘sound of music/ mary poppins’ inspired bags with big wooden handles and tops with puffed shoulders, long tight sleeves and bodies and detailled appliques.
(if anyone can find a decent picture of Marias bag in Sound of music I will love you forever.)
I’m throughly excited.

I was also asked to send another order asap to dandylion in Wellington.

So I cut out a whole lot of tops, all ready to sew today. (The first time since we moved!)
I waited until Aesop went down for his nap, I overlocked the sides and sat down at my machine ready to begin with the bands. Clunk. *insert noise of machine throwing a spazz here*. My machine is refusing to sew. The cotton loops like crazy on the back of the fabric, or just plain comes apart. I have threaded and re-threaded both the thread and the bobbin, I have fiddled with the tension and the stitch length. I have changed the needle and the thread type/colour. Nothing helps.
Just what I need to get inspired! I’ll have to see if I can borrow one tonight, as Abraham is taking Aesop for the next two nights and it seems a crying shame to not make the most of it!


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oh me oh my alright. How exciting. Confirmation of how talented and wonderful you are!!!

Comment by rachael

woohoo! I like the sound of that collection… but what bad luck with the machine! (the move, perhaps?) Good luck with finding another one to borrow and enjoy your sewing time! xm

Comment by melissa

hi Rhiannon! Glad to see you posting again, on your flash new computer 😉
My sewing machine threw a spaz at me like that once – turned out I’d put the needle in back to front. Doh.

Comment by Miriam

Wow, that’s exciting! I totally sympathise about the sewing machine issues. My overlocker has been driving me nuts lately. They’re temperamental creatures.

Comment by julia

congratulations!! how exciting… i can’t wait to see what you make. i have been loving my brown & orange dress since it arrived… so comfy and cute. sorry about the sewing machine… so frustrating when you are all set to sew! i’m sadly no expert as a new sewer. my machine is prone to doing what you are describing, but it is generally a threading issue on the part of the needle thread (not catching all the spaces on its path to the needle). good luck with it!

Comment by amisha

Congrats on the fashion show. It is so great watching friends ideas grow from something
small to a thriving one woman business. Sorry about the sewing machine, I’m sure you will find one with all that inspiration.

Comment by Amelia

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