December 21, 2006, 10:28 pm
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Today has been a funny sort of a day.
Hailstorm Hailstorm1
The weather hasn’t been able to make up it’s mind (sunshine one minute a hail storm the next), we’ve had our plans changed on us all day, it seems to have dragged on forever, and we seem to have done so, so much, yet so, so little.
I’ve been in a funny mood today too.
I went to town today with the mission of finding some pants. Well, finding some clothes in general. You see, I try not to broadcast it (as I’m sure most of my real life friends are sick of hearing about it, sorry Melissa!) but I’ve lost quite a lot of weight in the last year and a bit. About 25 kilos.
So, slowly but surely I’ve completely run out of clothes. At the moment I own not a single pair of pants (unless you count walking tights that I borrowed/stole from my mum), about four skirts (two of which require safety pinning), maybe 5 dresses and a handful of tops. I have had to take in the sides of my tops and am in the process of taking in some skirts too.
But in the meantime what’s a girl supposed to wear? When the shops are full of ick, and money is low? I tell you there’s a gap in the market for someone to make some decent clothes for a change.
Anyway, to get to the point: I bought some of those horrific ‘skinny jeans’. I tried them on in the shop and they must have very deceptive mirrors in that particular shop, because they actually looked okay. Marvelling at this I bought not one but TWO pairs.
Unfortunately for me I got them home and tried actually sitting down in them. Impossible.
I’m taking the horrible things back tommorrow (well mum is because i’m too embarassed), and that is the very last time I pretend to be ‘hipper’ and skinnier than I am. Beeh.
I have a big pile of clothes next to my sewing machine waiting to be ‘modified’, and amongst them is this beautiful green skirt that I absolutely lived in when at my heaviest after having Aesop (around 106 kilos if you’re keeping score). It was quite tight then, and it’s not stretch fabric.
I was a whole lotta woman.
I’m hoping to post pictures as I change everything, but I’m terrible with remembering to take before photos.
And one last little ‘pretty thing’: I bought these little dolls at a second hand store in a tiny little town in North Holland. They’re one of my favourite things I’ve ever found, and I re-found them again this afternoon at mum and dad’s. I drew the little dots on their foreheads, but the red shoes were already on them. They have little name tags drawn on the back of them with the names I wanted to call my children written on them. They’re going to sit on the top of my computer and remind me to get off my bum and do some sewing!


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Wow!! That is great that you lost all that weight!!! Way to Go!!! I haven’t fallen for the “skinny” jean trick…I knew there was a catch (sitting down!!)!!! 🙂

Comment by barb

Well done – sweetie – what tenacity! You’re looking fab!

Those dolls are so sweet – I have a collection of weird little dolls I’ve found/inherited, too.

re: alterations – me and Rach went through her wardrobe recently and made piles of “to the clothing bin”, “back to the wardrobe” and “repair or alter” – I’ve been practising my sewing skills doing her repairs and alterations for her. It’s great because I get sewing practice and she is very kind and tolerant about my crooked seams.

My favourite thing that we’ve done is make a fabulous skirt out of two aprons. Anyway, we’re having lots of sewing machine hi-jinks over here in the Manawatu! Hope you get back on your machine soon!

Comment by Helen

So… what were the names you wanted to call your children?! I had a list like that too and from memory it had Daisy for a girl and Birdwood (my late Grandad’s first name) for a boy. I got over Daisy and went with Lucy for my little girl but Birdwood’s still on there for if I ever have a wee boy but as a middle name I think. I also had Bellerophon on my list – if I remember rightly, he rode Pegasus in Greek mythology… perhaps a tad over the top!

Comment by jillian

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