A quick call for crafty help!
December 29, 2006, 9:58 pm
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Okay, so a proper update is coming soon.
But first, something much more important: Craft talk.
I’m making a present for my dear, sweet friend Nick whom I love to pieces and who is feeding me and giving me a bed for three nights over new years.
I thought I would applique something he loves onto the back of a hoody I bought at the warehouse (you know how we love slave labour and all! but seriously, I didn’t have time to make one, and couldn’t of made it for $5!). I spent hours tracing and reversing an image that I found, and I thought I had it all perfect. But now that I’ve spent maybe three hours sewing it on you can’t even tell what the image is! Its just a big muddle of sewing! Jeepers!
I thought about maybe adding some colour with some handstitched dots/knots/dashes but I’m not sure if it would suit it. What do you think? I’ve only got a day to work on it so please, please let me know!
But here’s the fun part: The first person who can tell me what the image actually is will recieve a present. I don’t mind where you live or who you are. I’ll make you either a bag (with an applique of your choice in colours of your choice) or a bonnet (also in the colours of your choice.). I’ll also throw in some badges. Start your guessing!


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first i thought it was husks of corn, but it’s not quite right
and i think since it’s corn season i have it on the brain
i do think it’s bunches of something organic

Comment by sue

onions? I too think it looks organic, Like leaves and bulbs, but I also thought I saw a little upsidedown face in the middle 🙂

I like it in it abstractness, and organicness, would he maybe like those qualities as well? If so, I say leave it!

Comment by kara

OK…I may be way off on this.. I think I see a woman on the left holding a baby? with a little kid to her right…and then on the right a hands holding birds?

Comment by barb

oh, dear… this is hard. garlic? puffs of cotton? irises blooming from bulbs?
for the crafty question… the color sounds good; it would help make different parts of the image more distinct so it wouldn’t blur together. you could pick out a couple of main parts to add color to and go from there. can’t wait to see the finished piece!
hope your holiday was a good one… and happy new year!

Comment by amisha

We’re going with roses or lillies perhaps – can’t wait to hear what it is!

Comment by Rachelle

I was going to guess roses. I think it looks good just the way it is.

Comment by Amelia


Comment by sue

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