Woodness goodness.
January 31, 2007, 12:10 pm
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The phone call to the local woodturning club has turned out to be well worth my time!
The dear man I spoke to on the phone came to my house today with these sweet little offerings!
They’re almost exactly as I had imagined, and are going to be just perfect.
There was a tiny detail, which at first I thought might turn out to be a hitch in my plans, but I’ve realised it shouldn’t be a problem at all: price.
I struggle with pricing my own things, as you all know, and when this dear sweet man told me how much it was going to cost for two handles for each bag, my initial thought was ‘oh my goodness, how am I even going to be able to pay you for these samples?’. But then the cooler, calmer, craftier me remembered that this man had worked these pieces of wood with his own hands, and carefully rounded and oiled them. So really, the price he is asking probably doesn’t even cover his time and materials.
I really need to remember that people’s time and talent should be well rewarded and paid fairly for, and that most people will be willing to pay more for a bag if they know that the little balls on the ends of the handles have been handcrafted by a dear, sweet man in a little town. Or at least the people I most love to be carrying these bags will!
Due to all these little ‘secret’ project I have going on at the moment I don’t seem to be getting as much real, or ‘showable’ work done. Yesterday the only completely completed garments were two of these tops (one xs and one large):
That was also due to Aesop refusing an afternoon sleep yesterday, so hopefully, in theory todays’ yield will be much larger, and I’ll have much more to show tonight or tommorrow!


smiling and sleeves.
January 30, 2007, 8:14 pm
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This morning I left the house in a wonderful mood. I was feeling positive about my life and where it’s at. I felt positive about myself and the person I am or more importantly about the person I’m becoming. I’m working towards becoming someone I would actually want to be friends with, someone I would I feel pleased to be introduced to.
I have a long way to go, of course, before I’ll get to this point, but for the first time in so, so long I can see it coming! I need to work on not belittling people so much (no more ‘oh my GOD, look what that woman is wearing!’ comments!), I need to work on my time management and I’d like to work on the amount of attention I give and the patience I have for Aesop. I’d also like to pick up a few new skills, like wood-turning and croquet, but those things are not so urgent. ha.
Thanks to my positive outlook, and ‘happy’ clothes the thrift gods smiled sweetly on me today.
Redshorts Bridesmaiddress
I found the perfect pair of shorts. Well, in actual fact they’re pants, but I intend to chop them off and put ribbing bands around the bottoms. They look a little daft perhaps (although I think they look great, but I’m a huge MC hammer fan), but until you have tried a pair of pants like this on you have no idea how amazingly comfortable they are. These ones are made of sheer crepe fabric, and are the coolest , most comfortable thing I have ever, ever set erm.. bottom in.
I also found the perfect 80’s frock. It’s a little snug, but nothing a few walks and a few less sandwiches won’t fix. I can’t wait for winter to rock this with some white tights. (Oh, and my legs aren’t really crazy shapes, I was stepping forward with my feet facing inwards. I have no idea why, so don’t ask! ha!).
Also in my journeys I found about 3 metres of draping black Lycra (I have never, ever found black Lycra second hand, the gods must really, really have liked my mood!), a few metres of small navy hounds-tooth, another not-so-awesome 80’s dress, and a few things to modify. All in all it was most successful. I think I’ll go back tomorrow and see if they’ve finished unpacking the other half of the bag from which these beauties came.
Yesterday’s completed project was minimal, and also didn’t want to photograph well. It’s my first attempt at sleeves on this pattern, and came out incredibly well. There’ll be many more a-sleeved top at my craft 2.0 stall, covered arms for all, I say!
Teallongsleeves1 Teallongsleeves

I also started work yesterday on a top secret project. Exciting! It’s a secret thing for someone really lovely. So far it’s involved ringing around every fabric store in most of the cities in the North island searching for the right fabric, and a few practice runs at some tricky applique. I’ll unveil it in a few weeks when it’s all done and dusted… suspense!

A pause for inspiration.
January 30, 2007, 8:45 am
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10nursery_01 20060819_02_1 Doily Galium_hispidulum 180346947_136e03b430 Incrediblestyle

*I should add that these images are taken from the
vintage fabrics group on flickr,, a google search for plant drawings, a cheesy website for restaurateurs who buy doilies, and I hate to say it but I’m not sure where the bedroom picture is from. If it’s yours please let me know so I can give you some credit!*

‘lellow!’ and Rachie.
January 28, 2007, 9:42 pm
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We had a very nice treat yesterday. My dear, dear  (and very busy!) friend Rachel came to visit us!
Rachel has just finished studying Jewellery in Auckland, and is absolutely incredibly talented. She uses alot of ‘knitting’ type craft in her jewellery and art and I dare say is one of the most creative people I know! You can see her amazing bauble pins here.
Rachel was one of my best friends in High school, and unfortunately these days we’re lucky if we see each other more than a few times a year. Lately we’ve both been going through some pretty similar circumstances and happenings so it was so nice to have a decent catch up, even if it was only for an hour or two. And the best thing? I was left feeling so inspired and so excited about everything that’s going on at the moment. So thank you Rachel!
Bluehoody Pinkhoody
My offerings for the last two days? Two hoodies (that I prepared earlier..) with horsey appliques and also a maroon hoodie with blue lining in the hood and this VW applique (The actual hoody refused to photograph well on my ‘shimmy shaking’ mannequin!). I spent the rest of this afternoon cutting out V-neck tops and sewing toast labels into the already finished ones and the new hoodies.
Beetle Labels
And I’ve decided with only about 6 weeks to go, that it is time to start planning Aesop’s birthday party. Abraham and I had a ‘meeting’ today about guest lists and themes. We wrote a list, which contains mostly only his family members (it seems I don’t really know anyone..), and we decided that the theme will be ‘yellow’. This keeps it relatively easy, and it’s such a cheerful colour that hopefully it will help all the awkwardness and uncomfort between me and his family will just melt into the background for those few hours.
We did ask Aesop what theme he wanted and his reply was ‘birthday party.. no thank you mama. no thank you birthday. no’. But really.. surely every two year old wants a party? Even if they don’t know it yet?
So the search for yellow begins….

A little productivity.
January 27, 2007, 8:31 am
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Greenhoody Greenhoody1
For some reason I really struggled to get a decent picture of this, but this my dears is my completed project for yesterday. And do you want to know the best bit? There are two of them. Yes! two!
I made one in this size (about 12-14) and one more like a size 16. I cheated a tiny bit in that they both still need top-stitching, but I had had enough by then!
(Does my mannequin look like she’s twisted slightly? Like she’s trying to poke her bottom towards the camera? I think the time is quickly nearing where I will need a new one!)
The hoodies are the same style as the last one I made, with the buttons and the ‘gap’ in the neckline. And the applique is adapted from an illustration on a website about gardening.
Loribag_1 Bagpreview
My finished projects on Thursday were this bag, which is a custom order from quite some time ago, that I have finally completed (sorry again, hun!). And I also finished Amisha’s bag but of course I won’t show you that until it’s safely in her sweet hands. Annnd the other image? That is a bit of a surprise. It’s a prototype bag using a new pattern I’ve made, and adorable old school wooden handles, which I’m having made by the local woodturning club! I’ll unveil more of it as the project grows.
Also yesterday I made my way around the op-shops (As I do every day or two!), and had a few lovely scores:
Linen Patterns
Lots of beautiful old hanker-chiefs and napkins, an amazing (although slightly pulled) carriage cover and matching babies bonnet, cute saucers and old patterns. I was so, so excited to find two pattern for making knickers or ‘lady pants’, especially the slightly ‘puffy’ style which are almost bloomery. I’ve got some neon orange and blue polka dot Lycra that is almost begging to be made into old-lady-style knickers.
It’s another day of beautiful, yet very warm, weather today. I’m hoping to catch up with a dear friend of mine, tidy this house (tornado!), paddle in our little pool and get some sewing done.. of course! I wish you all a lovely productive, sunny day too!

January 25, 2007, 5:22 pm
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Martha tagged me to write six weird things about myself. Really I don’t think there are six things.
HA okay. Well maybe… but most people would already know them I think.
1. The most obviously weird thing about me is my obsessive fear of ‘seed sacs’. You know the little sac of fluid containing seeds, like in tomatos and cucumbers? Oh my. I can’t even cut tomatoes in fear that I will get them on me. Even the smell of tomato and cucumber makes me gag because it makes me think of those disgusting little sacs. Although for some reason passionfruit is a-okay with me.
2. I also have a fear of people wearing turtle necks eating apples. Especially brown turtle necks and juicy apples. I’m pretty sure this relates back to a childhood incident. (I can’t wear turtle necks either.)
3. Most days I worry people think I look like a really bad transvestite. (Maybe thats not something I should tell people? ‘hello.. crazy person?’) I really, really think I look masculine.
4. I like groups of things. I can’t have a small picture here, and one there, they need to be grouped together. Figurines in small groups, books in small groups. Everything in small groups. I like to own more than one of everything for this reason.
5. I’m the very first person as far back as anyone can remember, in my family to separate from my partner after having a child. There’s been no divorces at all, and only one or two remarriages after death. Trust me to ruin it!
6. ummm. I have a whole folder of pictures on my computer. Pictures of things I like, things people have made, things which inspire me.. and well.. pretty girls. Not because I want to ogle them or anything dodgy, but because I’d rather look like them than me. The weirdest part? They mostly all look something like me anyway, just slight variations.

Okay. Now I just feel weird.

Happiness and humidity.
January 25, 2007, 4:43 pm
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Rhiannonislovely Jasonaesoppaddling

The past few days have been delightful.
My ‘boyfriend’ (Oh, I do hate that word, but I use it for lack of a better one.) Jason came to stay from Hamilton for four nights. This explains the lack of blogging, but also my smiling face.
To be honest we didn’t really do much at all while he was here. Partially due to just enjoying each others company, and partially due to the sweltering heat.
Now, to some people temperatures in the late 20’s might not seem hot, but to me, who’s body is already at least a few degrees warmer than everyone else’s, that is hideous. I really dislike sweating, and I really dislike humidity. My body longs for a cooler climate. This also explains why there are no photos of Jason and I together this time.. I looked terrible the whole time!
We paddled in the paddling pool and we lay outside in the slight breeze. We dug over the vege garden in the cooler moments, and we drank too much in the evenings. We watched Dvds (May I recommend you all see ‘everything is illuminated’? It’s good!) and we ate spring rolls. It was a lovely few days and I’m looking very much forward to my trip to Hamilton next month!

Yesterday I also sent in my application for craft 2.0 . Luckily for me they seem to think I’m cool enough. haha. I’ve decided to do this in place of going to Wellington in April for the potential fashion show. I think it’s all going to be too much otherwise, especially as I enrolled to study this year too. (800 hours worth of papers in garment construction, fashion illustration and pattern drafting!Wish me luck!) Perhaps this year is the year for up-skilling and earning money and next year will be better suited to being famous. ha.

I also decided that in order to try and motivate myself into sewing enough ‘stuff’ to take to said craft show I will make myself a little promise. I’m going to finish one thing a day for the next six weeks. Not necessarily start a thing a day, but finish one. Goodness knows I have so many half finished products that I could pretty much not start anything, and still fulfill this goal.
It will also mean I blog more! Which can only be a good thing! Wish me luck on this too! I’m going to need it!
(and I fully advocate that you all join me in my goal. It will do your soul the world of good, I’m sure!)