A photo essay of sorts.
January 8, 2007, 12:41 pm
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Aesoproom1 Chinacabinet
I took some pictures of our little house. I’m so desperate to make it less grandma-ish, but I just can’t think what to do. I guess maybe it will just take time for us to overcome it.
It’s a lovely little house, it just really has no character at all. (Or as Jason tells me, it has the bad type of character.) It’s quite new, it has terrible wallpaper, awful light fittings, carpet in the kitchen and bathroom (?!?), a burglar alarm, a waste disposal unit and a whole bunch of other things we don’t like or need.
The plus points are : it has the most amazing internal access garage to use as my studio (see last post), it has a heat pump, which despite being really ugly will be so helpful in the winter, it’s close to the shops, its a good size and the large section is fully fenced and perfect for Aesop to run and ride bikes and be a mad man.
Any suggestions for de-nana-ing (without painting or doing anything too permanent..) Are most gladly appreciated.
You can see the rest of the pictures here,( although I did really miss out the taking of photos in the rooms I like the least! and mostly just took pictures of our stuff. ha):


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amazingly getting some super huge posters can be fun, doesn’t matter what they are
or building a wall of postcards, from those free cafe ones
but the most awesome thing i’ve done is buy some super cheap muslin from spotlight or 2nd hand fabric and hang it on the wall.

Comment by sue

maybe funkier curtains? You can take thewm with you when you leave. Do you have indoor plants? I’m terrible with them but I do think they can make a difference. Similar to sue’s suggestion, a thing I have done in the past is to hang up amazing pieces of clothing like an old well worn tutu or a vintage balldress (at the moment I have a 1940’s? gold sparkling dress that is too big for mew but I had to have it anyway).

I appreciated your list of goals for the year. I always think that no-one actualkly keeps their NY resolutions anyway so it’s like setting oneself up fpr failure. But yours are so sensible and achievable and optimistic. I’m inspired to set a few for myself. So thanks dear thing.


Comment by rachael

it is amazing what you can do with a bit of fabric… cover stuff with it, hang it up… or scout out the second-hand stores for a great old rug to cover the carpet you don’t like… little touches of you everywhere and perhaps it won’t bother you as much… though i do think you’re already making it quite cute! 🙂

Comment by amisha

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