Got her groove back?
January 12, 2007, 3:53 pm
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I finally think my sewing ‘groove’ might be coming back. And not a moment too soon.
I made this last night and this morning. In between eating too much tofu and talking to him. ( I thank both of those things for inspiration to get back into sewing.)
I have a list the length of my hallway of things I need to sew. Custom orders, shop orders, craft 2.0 stock ( I realllly hope to make it!) and of course possible fashion show stuff. I have no idea which category this hoody fits into, but it’s one of the best things I’ve sewn in months and months and months. I’m so pleased with it.
I drafted a new hood pattern, its bigger and pointier than ever. And the little buttons and divider bit in the front make it sit so much nicer, and is perfect for people like me who don’t like to have too much bulk around their necks. Close ups:
Hoodycloseup Hoodycloseup1
The only one problem? It took a long time. I would need to get at least $60-$75 to make it worth my time and materials, which really pushes the retail price up if it goes to Dandylion or somewhere. That said, for the first time ever I actually think it’s made well enough, and is unique and pretty enough to almost be worth what they’d price it at (!?).
In other news: I’m going to plant my garden at the end of this month. With a little help from said distracting boy. And well, being the picky eater that I am I don’t really like any of the usual vege garden type things very much (Tomatoes, green beans, spinach etc). But good news for me, I found the most amazing website that sells seeds for beautiful wildflowers, and different vegies! Gardenstuff is a wonderful little business, based in Christchurch. They seem so down to earth (no pun intended), and delightfully Diy-ish. And the best bit? You can pay for your order by bank deposit, credit card Or Paypal. Which is so unusual for a New Zealand business, and great for those of us without credit cards!
I got round carrots (round!), pakchoi, Tokyo onions and globe beetroot seeds. They send loads of information about planting and all in gorgeous small business style with no glossy packets, not plastic wrapping and everything looking like its printed out of a home computer! I love it!


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oh rhiannon… the hoodie is wonderful! i love the details… the flower, the hood, the buttons in the front and the space at the neck (this is so good– i don’t like choky hoods either)… it’s very unique. also… and saying this really objectively… you put a lot of time & energy & craftsmanship into your clothes and i think it’s fair to price them accordingly… too often people feel that their own handmade work is not “worth” more $$, but your clothes are already super-reasonable, and there is no reason to not price them a bit higher as you put more work in. just my thoughts 🙂
so happy for you too that you’re getting your groove back… you seem a lot happier and it’s wonderful. hugs to you,

Comment by amisha

I have to say that I am absolutely in love with your new top! There’s so many cool details you’ve added which totally makes it “yours unique”…… know what I mean! Please keep posting your creations…… it’s so nice to see someone excited about their work! I have always said….. have fun with what you make as it shows in your work!

Comment by Plumtickled

Very pretty, I especially like the buttons!

Comment by Nynke

This is very pretty – I love the apliqué and the lining of the hoodie!!!

Comment by katrin

Hey, you’ll have to keep us updated on the garden! SOunds like it will be delicious! I myself have wanted a garden of the vegetable or herb variety (not that interested in flowers yet) but only have a shady patch of tiled patio to substitute as a yard and I don’t think much would grow there, maybe parsley but that’s about it. So you must tend to your garden with extra great care, knowing that I am vicariously living my green thumb dreams through you!
Again, great hoodie! I’d love to see more of what you’ve been making.

Comment by kimberlee

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