A very short memory.
January 19, 2007, 4:15 pm
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The lovely Martha has challenged everyone to unveil themselves in glorious 80’s garb.
I fear I was a little young to have anything too exciting to show. The end of the eighties came before I even started primary school!
This picture was taken at kindergaten when I was about four. It was ‘fish and chips night’, and I remember it being pretty darn exciting to be at kindy in the evening! The boy next to me was named Ryan, and I thought he was the bees knees. I remember running around the playground pretending we were batman and robin. We ‘went round’ together a few years later in primary school, and he’s still in the same circle of friends as my high school friends.
I don’t really remember any of my clothes until a year or two after this photo, but part of me wishes I still had an acid wash denim jacket. Rock.
Now its your turn! (and let me know if you do it! I want to see!)


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Classic! A baby acid wash denim jacket!

Good on you, we’ll see if anyone else participates.

Comment by Martha

that is an awesome jacket. i’m jealous.
i need to find some similar pictures of me… funnily enough i don’t seem to have any from that era?

Comment by melissa

thank god i was too uncool in the 80s to have the requisite clothes of the era 🙂 though i was constantly taunted and mocked in middle school for my lack of big hair and tight-rolled jeans… i was rocking the 85-pound geeky asian-american look instead, thanks very much!

Comment by amisha

Just for you! Click my name there to link to livejournal post… this comment field does allow me to embed a link.

Comment by kara

hehe, i found one [or too..] also :).

Comment by anuriitta

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