An overload of photos!
January 19, 2007, 2:29 pm
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Nutandbee_1 Melissaparcel Thriftscores
It’s amazing how you can have such a long stretch of bad days, but they all seem to melt away so quickly with just a few days of wonderful, loveliness.
I’ve had about three really happy days lately. I’ve had a lot of really crappy things happen, but for some reason I don’t think there’s much that could get me down at the moment. ( And I hope nothing does!)
So.. an entry choc-a-block full of photos.
The first two photos above are what was lying in my mailbox this morning when I went to check!
Firstly, my very first order from the amazing nutandbee. I’ve mentioned before how much I looove the beautiful illustrations and stationary by Annette Lauder, but now that I’ve actually gotten around to buying some I my recommendation has doubled. I insist you get some. The paper is smaller than I imagined, and has rounded edges! Everything is packaged beautifully with little stickers and oh, its so, so pleasing.
Secondly, a parcel from the ever-lovely Melissa featuring some new pants (we all now how I love those pants!) and a little top for Aesop, a tissue holder in delightful fabrics, a beautiful table cloth and some little vintage buttons (which Aesop is grabbing in the photo!). But.. the most delightful thing? A mix cd for Aesop of Arlo and Kiera’s favourite songs. The relief of not having to have the stupid wiggles ‘fruit salad’ on repeat is overwhelming. Thank you SO much, M!
The third picture is our thrift scores for the morning. I’ve taken to hitting the op shops at least two to three times a week, with them just down the road. Needless to say I’ve had some wonderful things, I’ll make sure to photograph more of them!
Buttonjar Buttonjargoodies
Part of my haul on Wednesday’s thrift crawl was this giant jar of vintage buttons. All of the buttons in the jar were old and lovely, and just look at those amazing 50’s floral ones! All for a measly fiver!I do love the op shops in this town. And although they are pretty picked over, like everywhere these days, luckily for me it seems there are only a few of us wanting sewing notions and fabric!
In my attempt to ‘rhiannon-ise’ my house I decided I needed to at least hang something on my walls. I hmmed and harrred over what exactly would work, and in the end I decided to stick with my real true love, doilies. This frame is from an old Vernon ward print of some swans on a lake. I’ve never been particularly fond of the print, it was pretty old and faded and had no glass. So I took the paper tape off the back, took the back and print out, thinking I would cover the print in fabric and glue a doily on and put it back together.
That is what I did… but, the best bit? In doing this I realised some idiot had put the glass behind the print. uhh duh? So now not only does my doily have a lovely frame, but also the extra classiness of glass! I love it!
Works in progress. I won’t go into it, but these are three of the things on my ‘half finished’ list at the moment.
And lastly, but not leastly.. in an attempt to make myself feel better about all that’s been going on for me I’ve been trying to take lots of photos of myself. That might seem strange to some people, but really, I’ve spent so many years thinking I was hideous that it makes so much sense to appreciate my body and all the hard work its done the last few years! So what do you do when your ex-partner writes awful songs about you and asks for a paternity test, you’re awaiting results for something really scary, your boyfriend lives 2 and a half hours away and your toddler is covered in hives and refusing to eat? You take pin-up photos of yourself! yay!


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Great buttons (I’m quite quite jealous!). Lovely bag handles and Yay! Richard Scarry!

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

I’m pleased you’re feeling chipper despite some fairly hideous sounding crap going on!

Comment by Martha

Holy moly, you’ve sure had a far whack of stuff to deal with. Pin up photos: why the hell not? Better now than when you’re 80 – although they could be pretty cool too in a “freaky granny” sort of a way… maybe! I think you look fab.

Comment by jillian

hello lovely lady… first let me say that i am so happy that things are looking up after all of this horrid mess… i love that the good days can make the memories of the bad very dim and far away.
your parcels + thrift scores are amazing! i am so going thrift shopping TODAY with my day off. yes indeed. and the little peek of new work is lovely… this embroidery you’re doing now is stunning.
and yes yes to giving your body some love! it has done *amazing* things (hello, aesop!) and you’re damn cute to boot. so hurrah for self-acceptance!

Comment by amisha

Hello! I’m back and wow – check you out – looking so cute in your Betty Page togs and so much good sewing and A NEW BOYFRIEND!

Glad to hear you’re doing good amongst the chaos that is moving to a new place.

xx Helen

Comment by Helen

Aw, yay! Thank you for linking to me 😀

Comment by Annette

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