January 20, 2007, 3:56 pm
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I’ve spent the good part of an hour today resizing and uploading pictures of Aesop.
From when we was born, until about three month ago, we have kept a website of photos of him for family who didn’t live near us. We updated it weekly at first, then fortnightly, and then monthly as he grew older and the drastic physical changes slowed a little.
It made sense when we lived in a different island, but now that the majority of the family see so much of him it seems like a bit more of a task.
So I’ve created a Flickr set for his grandparents in Nelson, and my sister in London (and whoever else wants to keep tabs of course..) which I’ll update at least once a month.
It will be nice to see these ‘chunks’ of time in Aesop’s life laid out in photos again. And it will help me to remember to pick up my camera a little more often!


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he is so adorable… love these pictures!

Comment by amisha

hello little one!
these pictures are gorgeous, rhiannon. keira and arlo miss their friend lots…

Comment by melissa

What a cutie! Also his name is very beautiful, did you name him after the great story teller? Good idea to keep updated photos of him available for your family to see, I know they will appreciate it. My 1 year old niece lives in Minneapolis and every month I get an email from them with a link to shutterfly where I can view a slide show of recent photos of her. so even though I am thousands of miles away, I’ve seen her first teeth come in, her shaky attempts so stand up, her first birthday cake smeared all over her face, and even home videos (via you tube) of her laughing and playing games with my bro. Keeping connecting is so important, what a great thing you are doing for your fam!

Comment by kimberlee

He’s so adorable! I enjoyed looking at the photos in the website.

Comment by Fiona

So cute -especially the grumpy one in the bottom left.

xx Helen

Comment by Helen

He’s delicious – I can’t wait till my nephew is that big so we can truck around at the beach and wear yellow caps.

Comment by Kimberley

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