January 25, 2007, 5:22 pm
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Martha tagged me to write six weird things about myself. Really I don’t think there are six things.
HA okay. Well maybe… but most people would already know them I think.
1. The most obviously weird thing about me is my obsessive fear of ‘seed sacs’. You know the little sac of fluid containing seeds, like in tomatos and cucumbers? Oh my. I can’t even cut tomatoes in fear that I will get them on me. Even the smell of tomato and cucumber makes me gag because it makes me think of those disgusting little sacs. Although for some reason passionfruit is a-okay with me.
2. I also have a fear of people wearing turtle necks eating apples. Especially brown turtle necks and juicy apples. I’m pretty sure this relates back to a childhood incident. (I can’t wear turtle necks either.)
3. Most days I worry people think I look like a really bad transvestite. (Maybe thats not something I should tell people? ‘hello.. crazy person?’) I really, really think I look masculine.
4. I like groups of things. I can’t have a small picture here, and one there, they need to be grouped together. Figurines in small groups, books in small groups. Everything in small groups. I like to own more than one of everything for this reason.
5. I’m the very first person as far back as anyone can remember, in my family to separate from my partner after having a child. There’s been no divorces at all, and only one or two remarriages after death. Trust me to ruin it!
6. ummm. I have a whole folder of pictures on my computer. Pictures of things I like, things people have made, things which inspire me.. and well.. pretty girls. Not because I want to ogle them or anything dodgy, but because I’d rather look like them than me. The weirdest part? They mostly all look something like me anyway, just slight variations.

Okay. Now I just feel weird.


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you are strange and unique and lovely. these were fascinating! i’m particularly curious about turtlenecks and apples… why apples? and not, say, pears? 🙂
seed sacs weird me out too. i always rinse them out of cut tomatoes. ew.

Comment by amisha

hehe this was a good one. I love your strange things! seed sacs are gross, perhaps it’s the name that really disgusts me though.

Comment by melissa

You’re not weird, you’re great! Or maybe you’re weird AND great – but then most people are weird in one way or another.

I have boyfriend envy – Jason looks totally cute.

And yaay to finishing something every day! A good goal. I’m going to try and do it too – my studio is a total mess of half finished projects.

xx Helen

Comment by Helen

I feel the same way about all your oddities…especially the worrying about looking manly (my boyfriend laughs so hard everytime I ask if I look to boyish…he thinks I’m far from…but my jaw line says otherwise.), but not so much the turtleneck and apple thing. You are on your own with that one. hehe.

Comment by Taryn

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