Happiness and humidity.
January 25, 2007, 4:43 pm
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The past few days have been delightful.
My ‘boyfriend’ (Oh, I do hate that word, but I use it for lack of a better one.) Jason came to stay from Hamilton for four nights. This explains the lack of blogging, but also my smiling face.
To be honest we didn’t really do much at all while he was here. Partially due to just enjoying each others company, and partially due to the sweltering heat.
Now, to some people temperatures in the late 20’s might not seem hot, but to me, who’s body is already at least a few degrees warmer than everyone else’s, that is hideous. I really dislike sweating, and I really dislike humidity. My body longs for a cooler climate. This also explains why there are no photos of Jason and I together this time.. I looked terrible the whole time!
We paddled in the paddling pool and we lay outside in the slight breeze. We dug over the vege garden in the cooler moments, and we drank too much in the evenings. We watched Dvds (May I recommend you all see ‘everything is illuminated’? It’s good!) and we ate spring rolls. It was a lovely few days and I’m looking very much forward to my trip to Hamilton next month!

Yesterday I also sent in my application for craft 2.0 . Luckily for me they seem to think I’m cool enough. haha. I’ve decided to do this in place of going to Wellington in April for the potential fashion show. I think it’s all going to be too much otherwise, especially as I enrolled to study this year too. (800 hours worth of papers in garment construction, fashion illustration and pattern drafting!Wish me luck!) Perhaps this year is the year for up-skilling and earning money and next year will be better suited to being famous. ha.

I also decided that in order to try and motivate myself into sewing enough ‘stuff’ to take to said craft show I will make myself a little promise. I’m going to finish one thing a day for the next six weeks. Not necessarily start a thing a day, but finish one. Goodness knows I have so many half finished products that I could pretty much not start anything, and still fulfill this goal.
It will also mean I blog more! Which can only be a good thing! Wish me luck on this too! I’m going to need it!
(and I fully advocate that you all join me in my goal. It will do your soul the world of good, I’m sure!)


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lazy summer days and fresh love… sounds absolutely wonderful!
the classes sound great, and i am so looking forward to seeing all of your new clothes! i wish i could finish one thing a day… right now i’m trying for one thing a week (knitting– so much damn slower than sewing!) but getting these things done is making me feel really fresh and good.

Comment by amisha

did your boyfriend write that magnet message? how sweet! I agree that everything is illuminated is wonderful, but I haven’t seen the movie, I have only read the book… but I have been eyeing it at the video shop for a while and now I will rent it. thanks for the suggestion. BTW, you would probably love Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close written by the same guy (jonathan saffran foer), in my opinion, its the better of his 2 books.
Good luck on the the finishing things everyday goal, I am itching to see some more of your designs!!!!!!

Comment by kimberlee

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