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January 27, 2007, 8:31 am
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Greenhoody Greenhoody1
For some reason I really struggled to get a decent picture of this, but this my dears is my completed project for yesterday. And do you want to know the best bit? There are two of them. Yes! two!
I made one in this size (about 12-14) and one more like a size 16. I cheated a tiny bit in that they both still need top-stitching, but I had had enough by then!
(Does my mannequin look like she’s twisted slightly? Like she’s trying to poke her bottom towards the camera? I think the time is quickly nearing where I will need a new one!)
The hoodies are the same style as the last one I made, with the buttons and the ‘gap’ in the neckline. And the applique is adapted from an illustration on a website about gardening.
Loribag_1 Bagpreview
My finished projects on Thursday were this bag, which is a custom order from quite some time ago, that I have finally completed (sorry again, hun!). And I also finished Amisha’s bag but of course I won’t show you that until it’s safely in her sweet hands. Annnd the other image? That is a bit of a surprise. It’s a prototype bag using a new pattern I’ve made, and adorable old school wooden handles, which I’m having made by the local woodturning club! I’ll unveil more of it as the project grows.
Also yesterday I made my way around the op-shops (As I do every day or two!), and had a few lovely scores:
Linen Patterns
Lots of beautiful old hanker-chiefs and napkins, an amazing (although slightly pulled) carriage cover and matching babies bonnet, cute saucers and old patterns. I was so, so excited to find two pattern for making knickers or ‘lady pants’, especially the slightly ‘puffy’ style which are almost bloomery. I’ve got some neon orange and blue polka dot Lycra that is almost begging to be made into old-lady-style knickers.
It’s another day of beautiful, yet very warm, weather today. I’m hoping to catch up with a dear friend of mine, tidy this house (tornado!), paddle in our little pool and get some sewing done.. of course! I wish you all a lovely productive, sunny day too!


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I love the botanical appliques you’re doing lately. & Great to see you are so busy and happy, m’dear.

xx H

Comment by Helen

fantabulous! What exactly are appliques any way? Does this mean you cut out a shape, maybe embroider on or draw on design with fabric markers???, then stitch to your main piece? DO you have to use special fabric? is it ironed on? the dictionary is not very helpful on this one.
Great idea to incorporate local sources such as the wood carving club for production.

Thanks for the photos of your work!

Comment by kimberlee

oh, so tantalizing… i can’t wait to see the bag! 🙂
and i too adore the appliques you’re doing. they are stunning!

Comment by amisha

love it all. I am very excited about seeing the bags with wooden handles. I love the idea of asking the woodturning club to help out. Did you know someone who is a member?

And yes, your mannequin definitely looks like she’s doing a booty shimmy-shake. And why not..


Comment by rachael

this is such a great post- those hoodies look adorable. i love the applique- you are really good at doing those. And as for asking the local wood-turning club to help with your bags… so sweet!
take care,
m xx

Comment by melissa

Wow, the applique is gorgeous!

Comment by Nynke

did i say already i LOVE this top?!, and the applique is really THE stunning finishing touch 🙂 You do great stuff!

Comment by katsai

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