‘lellow!’ and Rachie.
January 28, 2007, 9:42 pm
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We had a very nice treat yesterday. My dear, dear  (and very busy!) friend Rachel came to visit us!
Rachel has just finished studying Jewellery in Auckland, and is absolutely incredibly talented. She uses alot of ‘knitting’ type craft in her jewellery and art and I dare say is one of the most creative people I know! You can see her amazing bauble pins here.
Rachel was one of my best friends in High school, and unfortunately these days we’re lucky if we see each other more than a few times a year. Lately we’ve both been going through some pretty similar circumstances and happenings so it was so nice to have a decent catch up, even if it was only for an hour or two. And the best thing? I was left feeling so inspired and so excited about everything that’s going on at the moment. So thank you Rachel!
Bluehoody Pinkhoody
My offerings for the last two days? Two hoodies (that I prepared earlier..) with horsey appliques and also a maroon hoodie with blue lining in the hood and this VW applique (The actual hoody refused to photograph well on my ‘shimmy shaking’ mannequin!). I spent the rest of this afternoon cutting out V-neck tops and sewing toast labels into the already finished ones and the new hoodies.
Beetle Labels
And I’ve decided with only about 6 weeks to go, that it is time to start planning Aesop’s birthday party. Abraham and I had a ‘meeting’ today about guest lists and themes. We wrote a list, which contains mostly only his family members (it seems I don’t really know anyone..), and we decided that the theme will be ‘yellow’. This keeps it relatively easy, and it’s such a cheerful colour that hopefully it will help all the awkwardness and uncomfort between me and his family will just melt into the background for those few hours.
We did ask Aesop what theme he wanted and his reply was ‘birthday party.. no thank you mama. no thank you birthday. no’. But really.. surely every two year old wants a party? Even if they don’t know it yet?
So the search for yellow begins….


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i’m a german fashionstudent,
and i think your website is great….espacially the shirt with the horse is wonderful!!

Comment by Judita

yellow sounds like a nice theme! 🙂 good luck with the yellow search!

and i really love just about everything you make!


Comment by anuriitta

i love the idea of a yellow theme. Good luck with the planning.
Your friend’s jewellery is fantastic! what a talented one.
(oh, and you know how much i love those tops of your’s…)

Comment by melissa

the yellow will be wonderful… a bright and cheerful color indeed! hope the awkwardness will be short-lived if there at all.
and the new tops are lovely!

Comment by amisha

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