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January 30, 2007, 8:14 pm
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This morning I left the house in a wonderful mood. I was feeling positive about my life and where it’s at. I felt positive about myself and the person I am or more importantly about the person I’m becoming. I’m working towards becoming someone I would actually want to be friends with, someone I would I feel pleased to be introduced to.
I have a long way to go, of course, before I’ll get to this point, but for the first time in so, so long I can see it coming! I need to work on not belittling people so much (no more ‘oh my GOD, look what that woman is wearing!’ comments!), I need to work on my time management and I’d like to work on the amount of attention I give and the patience I have for Aesop. I’d also like to pick up a few new skills, like wood-turning and croquet, but those things are not so urgent. ha.
Thanks to my positive outlook, and ‘happy’ clothes the thrift gods smiled sweetly on me today.
Redshorts Bridesmaiddress
I found the perfect pair of shorts. Well, in actual fact they’re pants, but I intend to chop them off and put ribbing bands around the bottoms. They look a little daft perhaps (although I think they look great, but I’m a huge MC hammer fan), but until you have tried a pair of pants like this on you have no idea how amazingly comfortable they are. These ones are made of sheer crepe fabric, and are the coolest , most comfortable thing I have ever, ever set erm.. bottom in.
I also found the perfect 80’s frock. It’s a little snug, but nothing a few walks and a few less sandwiches won’t fix. I can’t wait for winter to rock this with some white tights. (Oh, and my legs aren’t really crazy shapes, I was stepping forward with my feet facing inwards. I have no idea why, so don’t ask! ha!).
Also in my journeys I found about 3 metres of draping black Lycra (I have never, ever found black Lycra second hand, the gods must really, really have liked my mood!), a few metres of small navy hounds-tooth, another not-so-awesome 80’s dress, and a few things to modify. All in all it was most successful. I think I’ll go back tomorrow and see if they’ve finished unpacking the other half of the bag from which these beauties came.
Yesterday’s completed project was minimal, and also didn’t want to photograph well. It’s my first attempt at sleeves on this pattern, and came out incredibly well. There’ll be many more a-sleeved top at my craft 2.0 stall, covered arms for all, I say!
Teallongsleeves1 Teallongsleeves

I also started work yesterday on a top secret project. Exciting! It’s a secret thing for someone really lovely. So far it’s involved ringing around every fabric store in most of the cities in the North island searching for the right fabric, and a few practice runs at some tricky applique. I’ll unveil it in a few weeks when it’s all done and dusted… suspense!


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Eep… I didn’t know you had a blog! That hoody is gorgeous. And I am loving the super comfy mc hammer pants. I so want a pair (except they would take on the parachutey look with me in them!).

Glad to hear you are well :):)

Comment by Belinda

oh wow so people can buy a pony, and a pink pony at that from you

Comment by sue

Oh, how I would love to come visit you and play croquet! Have you seen the movie Heather’s?

Comment by Amelia

you are the cutest! love the new clothes. and the hoodie with sleeves… hell yeah. fabulous.

Comment by amisha

As someone who “lurks” around your blog, I think you look like a person I would be very pleased to be introduced to… I too have a stall at craft2.0 which I am busy collecting stuff to make stuff for, and would very much like to meet you then!

Comment by Kimberley

great post- i love love love that pony top.
So happy to hear you’re in a good state of mind… who wouldn’t be with those 80’s beauties? x

Comment by melissa

I really love your new hoodie design. Are you going to be selling them on your website? I’m stuck in the South Island, miles away from Craft 2.0 😦

Comment by julia

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