Woodness goodness.
January 31, 2007, 12:10 pm
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The phone call to the local woodturning club has turned out to be well worth my time!
The dear man I spoke to on the phone came to my house today with these sweet little offerings!
They’re almost exactly as I had imagined, and are going to be just perfect.
There was a tiny detail, which at first I thought might turn out to be a hitch in my plans, but I’ve realised it shouldn’t be a problem at all: price.
I struggle with pricing my own things, as you all know, and when this dear sweet man told me how much it was going to cost for two handles for each bag, my initial thought was ‘oh my goodness, how am I even going to be able to pay you for these samples?’. But then the cooler, calmer, craftier me remembered that this man had worked these pieces of wood with his own hands, and carefully rounded and oiled them. So really, the price he is asking probably doesn’t even cover his time and materials.
I really need to remember that people’s time and talent should be well rewarded and paid fairly for, and that most people will be willing to pay more for a bag if they know that the little balls on the ends of the handles have been handcrafted by a dear, sweet man in a little town. Or at least the people I most love to be carrying these bags will!
Due to all these little ‘secret’ project I have going on at the moment I don’t seem to be getting as much real, or ‘showable’ work done. Yesterday the only completely completed garments were two of these tops (one xs and one large):
That was also due to Aesop refusing an afternoon sleep yesterday, so hopefully, in theory todays’ yield will be much larger, and I’ll have much more to show tonight or tommorrow!


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you are just the queen of productivity (and I mean the with all sincerity even though it sounds sarcastic). All of these posts, the great vintage finds, the new clothes that you are making, show that you know how to get it done!
I like your thoughts on pricing. I too sometimes feel insecure to price things so high and it helps to remember that many are willing to pay more for hand made things because they understand the materials, time, and craftspersonship involved are costly and valuable.
I hope the little one sleeps well for you today!

Comment by kimberlee

re yesterday’s post…could you get any spunkier? I’ll have to get married so you can be my bridesmaid in that darling thing.

I am always happy to pay more for quality, uniqueness, and the love and skill that has gone into something handcrafted. The wood turning man deserves it, you deserve it.

you ‘only’ completed two tops yesterday?! I’d say that’s a pretty darn good effort with a little one in tow.


Comment by rachael

i love the little balls, and you’re right… the touch of the handmade is worth the cost, and people will recognize that. and it’s such a nice addition to your beautiful work!

Comment by amisha

thank you dear one for your comment to my blog. yes the fabric in the felt cup was from a vintage nz scarf found where i live in perth, west australia. and you and your mum like oz old tablecloths thats funny. to have a hand turned wooden handle to hold and touch -well thats priceless , and that article you will grace it with will never be thrown away, just passed from one person to another.

Comment by poppyseeds

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