Greenery and giggles.
February 1, 2007, 2:21 pm
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Frontgarden Sidegarden Backgardenbefore
It’s another incredibly beautiful, sunny and hot day here.
Much too nice to be sitting inside, but also bordering on being too hot (well, for me..) to be doing much outside either. Our compromise?
We’ve spent the morning and early afternoon pottering in our little gardens and playing under the shade with the play-dough.
Our Front garden is looking rather glorious, if I do say so myself. The pansies are spreading and filling in all the bare dirt, and the grass and plants are all looking mighty green. We get out and weed it at least once a week and the lawns are mowed every second week.
Out little baby side garden is flourishing as well. Mum came and planted lettuce and basil and it seems to be surviving the heat. The rhubarb plant was so big it was taking over the whole path, so it’ll be rhubarb baking time over the next few days!
Our back garden is not looking so great. Lovely, sweet Jason sweated and heaved and dug it all over while he was here, and I’ve dug in some fertiliser and compost, but alas, it still looks more like a giant sandpit. I’m hoping it will miraculously ‘grow’ some decent soil so I can plant my seeds, but I think it might take alot more compost and evening digging.
Aesopplaydohmen Playdohmen
Aesop had a great time with the play-dough, making ‘Mr potato-head’ type men and telling me who each one was. It reminded me that we should really get the play-dough out more often!Such a nice thing to do out in the shade and he’s finally reached the age where he’s actually interested for longer than the time it takes to get it all out!
Yesterday was another not-so-productive day, I did manage to finish two more V neck tops, but other than that I mostly spent my time cutting things out and fluffing around. Perhaps having the next two days and nights ‘child-less’ will inspire me to get a little more done.
That is if I don’t go and get completely drunk tomorrow night and have to spend Saturday sleeping… so maybe it’s not looking so likely….


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oh dear, don’t waste your child-free time being hungover- but a night out does sound like fun! I’m super-impressed with your garden, looks like you’ll be eating homegrown salads in no time. I guess basil must grow really well where you live, what with all that heat and sunshine. I don’t think i’ll even bother putting any in here as the sun doesn’t stick around for long at the moment 😦

Comment by melissa

that’s a whole lot of yard!!! It looks lovely.

Maybe you could go out, not get drunk (but still have fun), and be productive on Saturday. I usually end up ‘wasting’ my childfree time doing sweet nothing!! Have fun whatever comes your way I say.

My letter box was smiling this afternoon. Thank you!


Comment by rachael

the garden is looking wonderful! i need some of that gardening energy over here… mine is a pitiful sight at the moment, needing tons of work to look halfway decent. nothing edible at all!
the tops are so cute too… enjoy your childfree time this weekend creating! (hopefully not too hungover 🙂 )

Comment by amisha

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