thanks, tops and tots.
February 3, 2007, 7:12 pm
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Well my child-free days seem to have come and gone extremely quickly. Aesop was with Abraham from Thursday evening until lunchtime today (Saturday), but it seems to have flown by with very little productivity, and no real ‘fun’.
I decided not to go out on the town last night, and in turn got a little bit of sewing done. But my sleep in this morning meant I really might as well have gone out, as I’d barely been up when Aesop came home!
Anchorhoody Beetlejuicevtop
Greenhorsehoody Greyfloralhoody
The final tally of finished things? Two more grey and red striped tops, Two peachy sleeveless hoodies with pink and white flashart anchors, one very beetle-juice stripy V neck, one long sleeved hoody with a horse, and one grey sleeveless hoody with flowers. (All of the hoodies are yet to be top stitched and are in need of buttons on the necklines, so I lie when I say finished! ha!).
And really.. I did watch a movie, eat a lot of junk and sleep in twice. All was not lost.

Nappies Aesopbites
The weather here is still very, very warm and humid. Which is great for drying washing (See our fuzzibunz on the line!), growing plants, and well, swimming I guess. But on the down side we’ve been overcome by flies, sunburn and mosquitoes. The little ratbags seem to find Aesop especially tasty (although I can see their reasoning.. I’d eat him!) and he is absolutely covered head-to-toe with nasty, almost infected bites. (Look at the swelling on his ankle!) So here’s a request from me to the mosquitoes: Please, please leave my sweet son alone. He’s incredibly itchy and really you’ve taken enough blood from him to last a life-time (especially with your short lifespan!), so shooooo already!
Also, dear universe, could you please deliver me with a mannequin that doesn’t like to shake booty so much? Mine is so wonky and lopsided that it really is time for a new one, but dishing out a few hundred dollars for one on Trade me just isn’t an option at the moment. I thought perhaps if I put it out there, some how, sometime the sweet, sweet higher powers might send one my way.
And just to increase my chances I thought I’d give thanks for a few things. These are the things I’m really loving at the moment:
Telegraph hill smoked semi-dried tomatoes, Katsai clothing (I really want one of her red tops), beautiful happy families, The way Aesop calls toilet paper ‘beef’, Jason, giant doilies, really bright coloured jewellery, tinned beetroot, chubby, snuggly cats (although I still don’t want one!), nesting bowls (which I missed out on by $1 on trademe! boo!), incredible shaggy hairstyles, cheap ribbing fabric, pastel colours, big squared- patchwork,  risque 50’s photographs , seriously dark chocolate, imitation meat, delightful blog-readers and being content.
Dear Universe, thank you for all of these wonderful things (and more..).


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i’m greatful that i found your blog, fellow mama!

Comment by ohamber

Wow! I LOVE your hoodies!! I haven’t been on the internet for awhile and now I’m back, I found so much going on in your blog. I really ogled at the clothes you made! I hope the universe answer you mannequin wish!

Comment by Fiona

I think sleeping is entirely productive in the sense it revitalises and refuels…don’t feel you wasted that time. And goodness me, you are making such beautiful things. I am in love with the green pony *swoon swoon*

I love your list of thngs to be thankful for. It seems so much easier to think of the things that not so great. Yesterday I tried to write ten postive things about myself and I couldn’t do it!!! eek! Perhaps I’ll start with ten things just out there in the universe lke you have. Funny isn’t it?

Love to you my sweet

Comment by rachael

i loved your list of grateful things… all so wonderful- wow- those wrestling girls!?
and the hoodies are pretty gorgeous, i bet they won’t last long before being snapped up.
love to aesop. x

Comment by melissa

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