How rude!
February 4, 2007, 4:22 pm
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Dear universe,
When I asked you to please deliver me a mannequin I was not offering up a trade.
And I most certainly was not offering up the workability of my sewing machine as a trade.
But since my sewing machine now no longer sews, I would appreciate a very, very quick delivery of the mannequin which must be now coming my way.
Or perhaps you could just forget all about the mannequin and just return my sewing machine back to it’s working state. That would also be acceptable.
Yours semi-sincerely,

Okay so obviously asking the universe for things which are non-essential was not a good idea. This afternoon after laying Aesop down to sleep, I sat down at my sewing machine to do some much needed work. I threading the machine, lined up the fabric,  put my foot down and..nothing. I pressed the foot thing over and over, but still… nothing. I turned the power on and off, unplugged and re-plugged and still… nothing. I panicked a little I must admit, verged on tears.
I have so, so much to get done for orders which need to be finished by this weekend, not to mention a tonne of things which I have only just over a month to get ready for Craft 2.0. It’s a public holiday on Tuesday too, so any repair work would have my sewing machine away for most of ,if not all of next week.
Thankfully I have had an offer of a sewing machine to borrow from Tuesday until the weekend, and perhaps one to borrow until Tuesday, but considering this is the second time my sewing machine has given up in the last six weeks I’m thinking perhaps it’s time to just get a new one!
By new one, I of course mean an old one, new to me, but old to the world. And Ideally very similar to my beloved usual sewing machine, which I have of course developed a huge attachment to as it’s the only machine I’ve ever had and my Mum bought it almost 30 years ago!
So here’s the thing: I’ve found one EXACTLY the same on Trade me. I figure I can probably get it for $100 including postage (if noone nasty outbids me too much), but I don’t have $100!
This is where I ashamedly ask for your help.
If by any chance you have been considering buying things off me in the past, or present, then pretty please let me know. Everything shown in the last few posts is available, and I’m more than happy to do custom stuff. I’ll give you a sizable discount, and I’ll have it all finished and sent (providing I have the materials!) by next weekend no matter what it takes. Just let me know! I’m going to go batty without a sewing machine, and it seems perfect to have finally found one the same, so if by any chance you’ve been contemplating purchasing pretty please let me know!

(Thank you. You all know how much I hate ‘promoting’ sales, and more importantly, taking money from friends. I’m sitting here red faced, but my itching-to-sew hands just keep typing.)


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Good luck with the machine.

Just a tip (if you don’t know it already) – never bid a round amount on an auction. So if you want to pay $100 for a sewing machine bid $111.73 and you might win over someone who bids $100.50 – and at the very most you’ll pay $10 more than you planned. And since you won’t be paying cash it doesn’t really matter what you’re bidding, does it?


Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

hey, i had actually been meaning to email you about the hoodie you posted about on january 27, the checkered grey one with the flowers in size 12-14. is it still available? how much would you want?

good luck with getting a machine sorted out. if you were in auckland i would offer to lend you mine!

Comment by moira

Hey sweetie-

sorry if you keep getting the answering machine – we have been out more than we’ve been home lately – I swear!

I’d love to buy another Toasty top but I don’t think you have anything in my size at the mo’ – but I can lend you the $$ to get that sewing machine, no worries.

We’re off camping tonight – but I’ll call you soon.
xx Helen

Comment by Helen

I would love to buy something llike the checkered grey hoodie, but I don’t think you have anything close to my size! I’m an x-sm/sm. If you ever make something like that grey hoodie (or anything in green and brown) in a small size, I’d be happy to buy it!

Comment by Taryn

I’d like to buy a top too- i do love your hoodies especially the ones with the flower applique. let me know… if you have any left!

Comment by melissa

I absolutely love the bird hoodie you have on Toast! All of your botanical hoodies are to die for! If you’re still taking orders……. sign me up. But, I would need size “blob”. Are US sizes the same? I hope your machine gets better soon too! Mine just blew up a few months ago and my husband bought me a new one for Christmas! I wish you luck! Oh, and the VW hoodie is de-lish!!

Comment by Plumtickled

how much is the turquoise hoody, i am about an 8-10 if it’s still free

Comment by kate Shuttleworth

Hi! I’m so sorry to hear about the sewing machine. Hope you have it sorted out soon!
Am I still in luck with any of your hoodies? I’m not good at coverting sizes to numbers. You have anything in say, asian medium? Do let me know! The VW reminds me of our previous old ride. 🙂

Comment by Fiona


I am glad there is so much interest in your clothing. All the people cheer, ‘Hood-ie! Hood-ie! Hood-ie!’like sport fanatics, I love it! If this were a hockey team scenario, you would definitely be the Mighty Ducks and, just to take it further, your sewing machine would be the ‘flying V’ formation that enables charlie to score the winning goal. (Can I be Emilio Estevez?)
So did you get the new machine? update please! or else I will forced to come up with more obscure under dog scenarios.

Comment by kimberlee

If you were in Wellington you’d be totally welcome to use my machine. I know I’d be lost without a working one. Hope you get it sorted.

Comment by Steph

I hate to sound like a nag but have you done the obvious thing and checked the fuse in the plug? You probably have, sorry but if not, it’s so easy to fix and it sounds like it could definitely be the problem. X Best of luck… :))

Comment by Michelle

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