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February 10, 2007, 8:24 am
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You know when you’ve not blogged (or written in a journal, or caught up with an old friend) for awhile, and too many things have occurred and you simply can’t decide which ones to talk about? I’m feeling a little that way today. It’s not that any of the things have been really important, simply that there have just been so many little things I’ve thought at the time’ Oh! I could blog about this!’.
I’ve spent the last few days in a blur of last minute sewing, jason visiting, incredible stupid heat, and the usual mundane daily tasks. I’m heading to Hamilton in about two and a half hours, and despite sitting up until one in the morning dyeing my hair, finishing parcel to send, packing, tidying, cleaning and doing washing, I still have ALOT to do before my ride arrives.
Firstly: I won the sewing machine!
And I want to thank everyone who e-mailed, or commented and everyone who has asked for things made (I’ll be sewing like a.. well.. machine, when I come home! So much to do!). Thanks you for offers of loans, advice and well.. donations! I’m so overwhelmed by this community every single day. It blows me away to think that I have so, so many amazing on-line friends even though in my ‘real life’ on a day-to-day basis I rarely even see anyone! So thank you sweet friends! The sewing machine is on its way!
Ohope_1 Ohope1_1
Yesterday morning was spent at Ohope Beach, which luckily for us is just over the hill. Being someone who doesn’t drive, I don’t really get to the beach very often (the idea of going on the bus with Aesop and all his beach gear is a little daunting to me.), but my dad had the day off yesterday and Aesop just loves the beach.
It was going to be my first swim of the Summer (I know..), but once we arrived it was high tide, and really quite rough. I waded out up to my waist and the pull was so strong I could barely hold myself up. I didn’t even get my hair wet! I guess officially I still haven’t swum this summer!
Aesop loved it though, digging, collecting sticks, swimming in the shallows.
I still can’t show you the two projects I’ve been working on, as they’re top secret for the next few weeks,so here are some of my latest thrift scores instead:
Score Score1
Mostly fabric and old linen, some old patterns (hello 80’s sportswear!) and an incredibly fine knit scarf. My favourite part? Look at this incredible piece of embroidery, its on both ends of the mat and so really quite detailed and beautiful:
See you all on Tuesday! May your weekend bring you lovely, lovely times!


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hurrah for the sewing machine! that is wonderful news. enjoy your time in hamilton dear…

Comment by amisha

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