February 13, 2007, 10:19 pm
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Inbed Jason
I didn’t want to leave Hamilton today.
Perhaps I knew what amounts of shitty rubbishy yuck lay awaiting for me here.
In Hamilton I laughed, I cuddled, I ate, I enjoyed company and I felt loved and happy.
Since leaving I have cried in the bus, then had stupid things happen and bawled my eyes out in the middle of the supermarket, I’ve felt like everything is worth nothing and I’ve had to battle with horrible thoughts and ideas. I’ve felt despair and I’ve felt incredible feelings of sadness, angry, resentment, grief, loneliness, regret and a huge sense of being completely trapped.
But like usual, I will survive. I get my sewing machine tomorrow, so I’ll be sewing my worries away.
I have a lot of sewing to do….


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love to you dear one. Look at the photographs lots when times feel too overwhelming. They are very beautiful, they’ll remind you of beautiful times and good things. Go well with the sewing.


Comment by rachael

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling so sad. Whenever I feel really sad about losing or having to leave somewhere/someone that I love, I try and remember that I wouldn’t feel so sad unless that somewhere/someone truly meant something to me – and really it’s a blessing to have something that wonderful in your life. A bit of backwards logic perhaps, but it always helps me a little bit to see the happier side of feeling sad. Beautiful photos.

Comment by jillian

**hugs** thinking of you dear. hoping there’s a way to keep those good feelings from hamilton in your pocket so you can take them out and squeeze them when things are rough. xo amisha

Comment by amisha

i lover yew x x x x

Comment by hazek

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