Anchors and staples.
February 16, 2007, 7:52 am
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Today was a fairly average day, busy, but average.
We awoke fairly early to do groceries, had an interview with a lady which somehow related to my benefit, tidied, pottered, read a kajillion books and drew pictures with felt pens. We had my Dad for dinner and then I spent the evening talking to my sweet boy on the phone.
It had it’s high points, but all in all it was pretty average.
The high points?:
Gowhistledixie1 Gowhistledixie 
My half of the organised swap between myself and the beautiful Deborah of Go Whistle Dixie (Who really doesn’t seem to have anything on the web, so her e-mail is here. And she’ll be joining us on the 17th March at The Dowse for Craft2.0). I e-mailed Deborah wanting to buy some of her incredible cards, because we made a wee swap at the last craftwerk and I’d since found so, so many occasions I could have used one of her cards! I throughly recommend them, they’re beautifully printed and she uses the scraps to make amazing gift labels and bookmarks!
I’ll have your hoody for you at Craft2.0 lovely, I hope it’s even half as beautiful as my cards!

Maroonanchorhoody Maroonanchorhoody1

The extent of my sewing yesterday was minimal but I did get this one anchor hoody completed. It’s a simple one colour hoody, made from a sort of toweling/sweatshirting mix. The hood is houndstooth and it has a black and white anchor applique.
Recoveredstool Recoveredstool2
Also yesterday I finally got around to recovering the stool in my bedroom. Please don’t look too closely, as I fear I did it much less than perfectly, and It’s going to take a bit of getting used to the big change, but I’m quite proud!
So thanks to Grandpa’s staple gun, some fifties vinyl and a few muttered curses I can finally say I’ve joined the hoards!
Also, because a beautiful ‘new stool’ looked so out of place in my hideously messy room, I sorted out my jewellery into some yellow plates I had displayed in the kitchen. Voila!



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I love that stool! The fabric you chose goes really well and makes me curious about how it looked before. Can we have a before/after makeover shot?

Your jewelry now looks edible!


Comment by kimberlee

Oh my gosh!!
I love that stool too.
You are a very lucky girl! :o)

Comment by Lori

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