Ta-da! Balls!
February 18, 2007, 8:15 pm
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Ballbagmain Ballbaglining
Okay, so the very first product of the new (secret!) bag design is officially finished!
I’m not 100% happy with it, but I think that has more to do with my fabric choice, and applique choice, than anything else. It’s made from a nice soft, almost fluffy, wool blend fabric, and lined with amazing vintage floral cotton. The balls are, of course, made by a delightfully sweet (though very rough and manly), local wood-turner.
To show you the (huuuge) size of it I posed. Please excuse my hair/body/face. It’s been a looong last few days and It’s certainly showing.
Ballbag Ballbag1
I have the balls (oh me! oh my! Puns a plenty..) to make four more. I’m thinking more wool blend, or perhaps corduroy, hot pink kowhai flowers, lavender coloured primrose stems, and perhaps lime green asters. And of course loads of beautiful vintage goodness on the insides. I think the botanical theme, and the ‘natural’ feel fabrics go best with the wood, even though part of me screams out for complete contrast with unicorns, lightening bolts, acid wash denim, and huge polka dots.
Perhaps that’s what I’ll do with my next set of balls, if I have any success selling these!

(I totally just realised I accidentally named all of my photo files ‘ballbag’. HA. The pre-teen in me thinks this whole thing is hilarious. I really struggled not to make a joke at each and every mention of the word ‘balls’, oh man…)


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The best thing yet! Your embroidery is getting to look absolutely perfect! Will you be listing these on your site or are you taking them to your show! The size is so cool for thrifting or being a Mom! Good job & good luck! Judi

Comment by Plumtickled

it’s gorgeous! i really like the botanicals… it does seem really nice with the wood and the vintage fabrics. this algae one is so pretty.

Comment by amisha

You’re CLEVER. They look fantastic.

Heh, ballbags

Comment by Martha

Wickedness! I really like that applique, and the fabrics you chose. Very yum, all round.

Hey – lovely to talk to you yesterday, Mrs – and I finished the bonnet! It’s a little baggy so the pattern needs more tweaking – but it’s definitely almost there.

My sewing machine blew up yesterday – at least – it started sewing by itself as if possessed and then there was a bad bad smell and smoke came out….ahem – probably not a good sign, hmnn? It must be national sewing machine dying month. Meh.

OK – rambling now. & did you know you almost always stand on tiptoes in photos? – which is very very cute.
x Helen

Comment by Helen

I would love to have a … heee hee … ballbag. At the moment all I seem to be using is a very partical sporty looking backpack with pockets galore for my band-aids and spare socks as I walk everywhere, but when the 100km hell is over, I would love to walk to work with a ballbag. Does it have pockets inside for cellphones, ipods, etc? And keys? I am always losing my keys at the bottom of my bag.

Comment by Kimberley

oh my goodness, that is one beautiful bag. I love everythng about it.

Comment by melissa

I love the bag. The fabric inside is a delight and I do like me some balls *wink wink*


Oh, and you look lovely as always.

Comment by rachael

Bag is great – you are funny! Ballbag! Funny!

Comment by Rachelle

brilliant balls… I mean bag!!

Comment by monica

oh rhiannon that bag is amazing :). very beautiful!

Comment by anuriitta

that bag is a winner, you really do have balls! umm what did i just say…

Comment by poppyseeds

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