thanks girls.
February 25, 2007, 1:54 pm
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Sorry for my long absence, but never fear, I AM still here, and I AM still breathing/surviving/sewing and all the other important things I should be doing.
Being at such a crazy point in my life I seem to lose whole days to my thoughts every now and then. This past week has been a bit like that, and blogging has been the last thing on the list of ‘things to do’ in my head. Sorry ladies! But I think I’m back on schedule now, and regular blogging will commence.
I haven’t photographed the things I’ve been sewing, I’ll do that today, but here’s some pictures of the most incredible parcel I received the other day from Helen and Rach.
Helenrachparcel Helenrachparcel1 Helenrachparcel2
Helenrachbowl Helenrachparcel3 Helenrachspoons
(Package included a huge big vintage Pyrex bowl, ‘pinch’, ‘dash’, and ‘smigen’ measuring spoons, a vegetarian cookbook, incredible bundles of fabric, a book and dvd and car for Aesop, a trade aid purse, paper dolls, incense, zips, a zine, craft books, stickers, tea, soap, art, dolls clothes, handmade collage cards.. oh and more that I’m forgetting I’m sure!)

It was the most amazingly huge, beautiful, best surprise ever. Especially as I’d just hung up the phone from talking to Helen too! You two are the most amazingly sweet, amazingly wonderful, amazingly generous… oh and did I mention amazing?.. women in the world. Thank you so much. For the parcel and for being my friends. I feel so privileged!


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wow- what an amazing parcel! Aren’t those two the best?
Hope all is going well fro you this weekend. x

Comment by melissa

Yaay – glad you liked it – it looks like a crazy amount of stuff in those photos – but really it all came together pretty ‘organically’ over a few months!

Hey – your stuff didn’t get here in time for the market – but I’ve already sold $120 worth of it and have four different friends who want to take a look this week – so I think I’ll be able to sell most of it to PN people! Rach is going to ask some of her mates, too. Rach bought the green lace thing – it looks incredible on her and she wore it out Friday night – dancing the night away to house music!

Hope all is well with Jason,
x Helen

Comment by Helen

lots of love to you m’dear. I hope you are working some things out and that you feel a little more settled soon.


Comment by rachael

what a wonderful package… such love!
thinking of you!

Comment by amisha

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