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February 27, 2007, 9:26 am
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Wiplonghoodies_1 Wipredhorse Wipbrownflowers Wipgreybag_1
My ‘one finished item a day’ rule seems to have been pretty seriously broken the past week or so. My studio has instead become a haven for works in progress. Hoodies without appliques, bags without handles, cut out fabric ready to be sewn, appliques ready for the paper to be removed and piles of fabric representing ideas that are yet to be carried out.
I have a bad habit of letting this happen, I have big trunks ready and waiting for these semi-finished projects, with contents that seem to ebb and flow over with my moods. Occasionally I’ll go on a rampage and either chuck or finish everything in them, and other times I’ll fill them right to their brims with garments that usually end up re-cut and re-fashioned into linings, or given to friends who use smaller scraps in their work.
Right now the work-in-progress items will be finished before they have to make their way to ‘banish bins’ and these trunks are full of thrifted clothes, hoping to get appliques and come to craft 2.0 with me. (I thought it might be neat to have ‘toast-adorned’ items as well as ‘toast-made’). I’m not sure that they’ll get finished in time, but it’s nice to hold out hope. They also contain a few very old WIP’s that I can’t bear to cut up (or yet finish!), but their biggest content? Things that are waiting to be stuffed into parcels and sent to dear friends. (something which really should be equally as important as finishing things!)

With only two weeks until Aesop’s birthday, and three until craft 2.0 things aren’t getting done nearly as quickly as they should be around here. I also have three booklets of my course work to finish before going to Wellington (turns out I CAN find a way around the workshops. So study I shall!). I’m a little worried I might go insane, but I’m hoping that occurs after all the other important things are finished.

Hup, hup, hup Rhiannon! Times a wasting.


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golly miss molly! You are very busy. I’m so glad you are able to do your course. Still planning the yellow birthday?

Is that hoody with the green pony orange and brown houndstooth? I think I’m in love!


Comment by rachael

okay so it’s not a green pony but stll I love it.

Comment by rachael

lovely stuff Rhiannon, so much applique goodness…

Comment by melissa

Red Houndstooth + blue pony = eye yummy!

+ your botanical prints just get better and better and so so pretty.

+ you are clever.

Comment by Helen

Hi Rhiannon…… you’ll need to show us your top picks for your showing at Craft 2.0! Keep up the pace and all will fall into place! I so love your designs! Judi

Comment by Plumtickled

hey you sound pretty organised in your head and that’s got to count for something, right? just keep on truckin’!
would you consider doing a aplique tutorial sometime when you are less busy? I am really interested to see how you do it!
great that you can keep with your course, what is the course about excatly?

Comment by kimberlee

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