A few finished things and some advice..?
March 1, 2007, 12:49 pm
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I’m really starting to worry about Craft 2.0 now.
It’s only 16 days away and I’m starting to really get a little worried.
These are my worries (a problem shared is a problem halved, right?):
* That I will not have enough stuff. This problem is a little silly. Because really, the only one who’s going to know if I have enough stuff or not is me. Anyone who comes by my stall is not going to think of all the things I didn’t finish or all the ideas floating around in my head that didn’t come to fruition. They’re just going to see what I have an be done with it. So in a way this isn’t a huge problem.
* Fitting everything into one bag and having it weigh less than 23kgs. This again isn’t a huge problem. It’s just something I’ll have to deal with as it comes. I’m not taking my clothing rail, I’ll just buy one and hopefully store it in the back of someones closet until the next craftwerk. I will have to take coat hangers, this takes up a bit of space and weight, but I’ll just make do. Paying a bit of excess baggage isn’t a biggie.
* Pricing. This is where you can help me. And of course, for me, where the biggest problem lies.
I want my prices to be fair. I also want them to show the standard of my work and the hours I sink into my garments. I want to be accessible but I also want to pay my flight home and pay off some of this darned computer. Here’s what I’m thinking ( I struggle to get these numbers out of my mouth, so it’s lucky I’m typing.): Long sleeved hoodies with button detailing on the neck and appliques will either be $75 or $85. Sleeveless hoodies will be $10 less than that (then whichever price I end up using). I’ve decided to only take tops this time around so luckily I won’t need to price bottom halves too. V neck tops will be $45.
‘Ball bags’ will be around $70. Normal tote bags (If I get any made..) will be $45. And if I can figure out a way to display them badges will be $3 or 2 for $5.
I would really, really appreciate honest criticism of my pricing in either direction. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it in the comments I’d love it if you’d e-mail me. I honestly struggle so much with this part of crafting, so any help will be lapped up.

And on a lighter note, some larger pictures of some things I’ve been making:
Houndstoothhoody Houndstoothneckdetail
Kowhaiballbag1 Kowhaiballbag
Greyballbag Greyballbag1

Please excuse the lack of ironing! It’s been one of those mornings. We woke up with only 15 minutes to get ready for preschool, we’d run out of fruit, margarine, milk and well.. anything else edible, I ran out of felt and well.. everything was going pretty terribly.
Luckily my mum had the day off, she whipped into town, returning with a huge pile of new felt and soy chai latte and a blue berry muffing which she claimed the fabric store was giving away today on account of ‘cheering people up’. Thanks mum! What a saviour!


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Of course when you’ve sold a pile of stuff your stall would look empty anyway so I wouldn’t worry about not having enough stuff.

Can you post some hangers and stuff to yourself care of someone you know there? Otherwise remember that the 23 kg is for checked luggage only – you can also take cabin baggage which doesn’t count. I once flew home with a 11 kg bag plus a bag of shopping with no trouble.

Your prices sound fair – just remember, the more you make from each piece the less you’ll have to sell (and remake) to make the same amount of profit. People don’t expect to pay Glassons or Supre prices for handcrafted clothing and buy having a resonable price on them people will be more likely to think the piece is quality designer wear (which it is!)

Good luck!

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

Hi Rhiannon….. I know how you feel! I’ve done so many craft shows that I couldn’t even tell you how many! Pricing has always been a bugger for me. What I always did was add up what my costs were, how long it took me to complete it, how much I enjoyed making it and then add it all together. I also asked my Mom who always shared booths or stalls with me……. so perhaps if you know someone who makes something close to what you plan to sell……. they could tell you too. I can tell you that I think your prices sound just fine. I can see the thought behind each color choice, button and embroidery…….. and I’m sure the ones visiting your stall will too! Good luck! Judi

Comment by Plumtickled

I go to the markets all the time and see clothing made by up and coming designers so I can try and share with you the pricing I have seen. I hope this is helpful.

For those V neck tops, I have seen very similar ones (though made of thicker jersey material) priced at $50 so I think you are right on the money (haha) with $45-50.

most sleeveless hoodies I have seen are priced a bit lower than what you are thinking, maybe by $10 (I have seen them for $50-65)

Long sleeved hoodies, DEFINITELY!!!!! price those at 85 UPWARDS, okay honey? I think most people expect those to be around $100 (at least they would in auckland) especially with those irresistable touches you added of buttons and appliques.

maybe you can increase the price of the long hoodies to 85-90$ then lower the price of the sleeveless hoodies to $65, that way it sort of balances out. I think people are willing to pay a lot more for long sleeves than short sleeves, it psychologocal I guess. Just a thought though, of course its totally up to you.

The ‘ball bags’ are very special and a lot of extra resources and LOVE went into them. Your price is expensive but TOTALLY fair and I think that only poeple who are exceptionally interested will buy them. But really, that’s exactly what you want for such a special item. 🙂

Your tote prices sound good. inside pockets make all the difference.

*all that said, you are the only one who really understands the time, matieral costs, and effort that goes into each item. Trust your feelings and don’t let head games get the better of you! This is what I tell myself when doing pricing:)

HEy, love the felt, I know a place where it is $5 a meter, do you need some more?
your mum is such a sweetie for bringing you a treat. this makes me miss my mother very much. (i love you mom!)

good luck

Comment by kimberlee

Pricing is the thing I hate the most (other than sewing machine meltdowns). Your prices sound fair for the amount of time put into each one. Higher prices mean you might sell less but you’ll break even faster. Definately don’t underprice because people shouldn’t expect to get handmade work for the price they’d pay at Supre (McClothes). That said I am totally hoping I can save the money for a ball bag by then cos I TOTALLY want one.

Comment by Steph

I am waiting for Craft 2.0 to get one of those ‘ball bags’ and think that it is a very reasonable price… 🙂

Comment by Morgan

I agree with what everyone has said – you are right on track with prices and things. NOW – clothing rack, I am pretty sure I can loan one from someone and I can definitly do coathangers (bring them on the day). I will be there early as I am car pooling with the wonderful Wanda – let me know what you think!

Comment by Rachelle

I agree with what everyone has said – you are right on track with prices and things. NOW – clothing rack, I am pretty sure I can loan one from someone and I can definitly do coathangers (bring them on the day). I will be there early as I am car pooling with the wonderful Wanda – let me know what you think!

Comment by Rachelle

Sorry – don’t know why you got that twice, maybe because I really really mean it?

Comment by Rachelle

I would pay those prices if I was there! I agree with Kimberly on the hoodie issue -I would expect to pay a bit more for a long sleeve one. Best of luck with the show… and those ball bags are just wonderful! If people aren’t prepared to pay $70 ++ for them, they don’t deserve one…..

Comment by mariannealice

hello dear… good luck getting ready for the show… i am sure it will all come together beautifully! the new bags are amazingly beautiful. i love the appliques and the wonderful fabrics.
regarding pricing, yes to the comments above… i think your prices sound fair (and i’m thinking in USD– i know that yours is a bit less). they all sound reasonable and in fact i am very glad to see you raising them a bit from what they were on your website, which was, i fear, not compensating you fairly for the time and effort you put into your work! your pieces are lovely, handcrafted with care, unique designs, and well-made. you’re pricing them accoringly and people will not mind.
good luck!

Comment by amisha

I think your prices are all good, except maybe the $45 for a ‘plain’ tote – I think $35 is more likely to get sales – but that is just one woman’s opinion, of course! 😉

Hope you are having a busy and productive weekend!

x Helen

Comment by Helen

I can bring coathangers as well.
which reminds me, buckle down for an eveyone at craft2.-0 email so we put calls out for help with things like that

much love

Comment by sue

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