March 5, 2007, 5:12 pm
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A few random snippets from the past two days:
* I’ve been working hard to get my first three booklets of coursework done. The first three booklets cover costume history and fashion illustration. I hate to be a downer but so far all they have taught me is that I really don’t care about history at all, and well.. I’m not good at drawing. I used to think I was pretty okay at drawing girls, but I guess maybe I’m just not.
* On my way to pick up Aesop from Preschool this morning I had to stop and pay my phone bill (gargh.) and luckily for me the three best thrift stores just happen to be right near the post office! Needless to say I just had to stop and have a peek. I picked up this lot and also these. mm. Niceness.
*This is about the oddest and most disturbing/ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time. What’s manly about that? It seems to scream ‘ I like men’ to me. Abraham saw someone in Whakatane driving around with some, I’d never even heard of them, I sort of wish I still hadn’t.
* I made the first layer of Aesop’s birthday cake today. I’m making a two layered banana cake shaped like well.. a banana.
* I got a lovely ‘anonymous’ little parcel in the mail from Abraham’s mum today, thanks Kaye (I figured it out Melissa! hah!).

I’ve got another big night of sewing ahead of me! Fingers crossed for lots of photos of finished goodies tomorrow.


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Truck nuts, LMAO! They are the saddest thing I have ever seen, not to mention the most blatantly gay. I am totally blogging them.
As for your drawings they are awesome! I wish I could draw recognisable humans and heres you drawing like a pro! Give yourself some credit!

Comment by Steph

okay so your drawings, thrifts, and parcel-mystery-solving are all very good. The ‘truck-balls,’ not so. Keep up the good drawing work, and I’ll join you in trying to forget all about those hideous things!

Comment by melissa

That’s so funny! My husband just told me that he saw the same exact thing driving home from work hanging off the back of someone’s truck! He doesn’t understand why in the world someone would want that trailing behind them for all the little ones to see….. especially his daughter! Dadgum sicko’s!

By the way, I loved all of your purses so much! I just don’t know how you do your embroidery so neatly! I don’t think I could ever do that! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Judi

Comment by Plumtickled

Your drawings are really good!
Have clothing rack all ready for your Toasty goodness!

Comment by Rachelle

Hey, the cake looks like it’s coming along well (post the finished product pic! :-)) and your drawings are fine(!), and aargh! I’m beginning to hate the fact I don’t have op-shops I can go to, and I totally agree with the statement to do with the “manly” thing and although it’s really hilarious, I’ll try to forget I’d read about it! 😉

Comment by Fiona

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