Some progress and pests.
March 8, 2007, 7:10 pm
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Blackpinkhoodie Greenblackhoodie
Greybluehoodie Spottyhoodie_2

A few of the new finished hoodies! I’m sewing like an absolute nutcase, cutting out new things which I almost know I have no chance of actually finishing in the next week, and struggling to put the finishing touches on the huge pile of ‘only one thing left to do’ hoodies and bags. Arrrrgh.
Caterpilllars Plantdamage
In order to keep myself sane I’ve been trying to think about other things in my very short breaks throughout the day. Today I spent about half an hour pulling little green caterpillars off my broccoli and cabbage plants. They’ve nearly demolished them : (.
Does any one have any hints and tips (that don’t involve awful toxic sprays) that might help to get rid of them? My gardening attempts don’t seem to be very successful so far, my seedlings are only coming up in patches, and the soil just doesn’t seem to be improving at all. Fingers crossed we get some decent rain soon and the soil laps it up, and the caterpillars get washed away!
Redshoes Maak
My other little distraction is turning two tomorrow. He’s been keeping me company ("get-off-a-material!") while I sew, and is putting up really well with my less than wonderful-attention-giving parenting techniques at the moment. I’ll write the usual ‘birthday spiel’ about how amazing he is tomorrow, but I couldn’t resist showing you these two adorable pictures of Aesop in the studio this afternoon, trying to distract me! (And my new red shoes! Aesop likes them even more than I!)


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those hoodies are looking sooo great. I especially love the blue and grey one. And happy birthday to little Aesop! Have a great day tomorrow. I’m no good with the gardening tips. Maybe you could try Derris Dust powder? No wait, maybe that’s just for slugs, hmm…

Comment by melissa

I really like the horse…

Maybe you could mix up some kind of foul concoction like garlic and curry powder or something – you know so the plants taste bad to the little caterpillars while not hurting the plants themselves (I don’t know why I said garlc and curry would be a foul concoction, maybe just to caterpillars). Dear me…time for a cuo of tea and a lie down I think.


Comment by rachael

Urm… *racks brains* I think there’s some concoction you make with garlic, water and sunlight soap that does the trick. And doesn’t planting marigolds scare the nasties away.

Next time you’re at the public library, ask the Reference Librarian – I bet it’s just the sort of query they’d love. Actually – ask the old biddies at the op shop – they’d probably be able to rattle it off the tops of their heads…

Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

very pretty hoodies :)!

congratulations on the two year old, and many hugs for the great mama too! i hope you have a beautiful party tomorrow!

and good luck with your garden.. i have never been good with plants. i cant keep mine alive, and their all inside ;).

Comment by anuriitta

hi dear, i love the photos of aesop! what a cutie! and the new clothes look wonderful too.
caterpillars… a few things from organic gardening class that are not as effective as chemicals but do help somewhat… soap sprays (dish soap + water), hot pepper (a bit of a headache, involving crushing up the peppers with water and making a soup sort of thing then spraying/ sponging), and garlic… good luck!

Comment by amisha

Can you let me know if these hoodies will be at the auckland craftwerk and what they cost?

Comment by kates

All hoodies are so nice! I’m beginning to doubt if my colour choices have been good. Love the white polka dotted one!

Aesop looks so sweet!:-)

Tips on gardening? Nope. I can never keep one alive for long…

Comment by Fiona

Liquid soap diluted in water, in a spray bottle always seemed to work for me. Hope that helps.

Comment by Amelia

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