A two year old!
March 14, 2007, 10:40 am
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Birthdaycream Birthdayhouse_1 Birthdaycake

Aesop’s birthday on Sunday went swimmingly. Alas, I don’t have any pictures of the actual party, because my batteries ran out just as the guests arrived, and we took all the pictures on mum’s camera, but these are some good ones of the setting up (and of course the attempt at cake making!).
We had a yellow theme. We had yellow streamer, balloons, yellow flags with all different types of yellow fabric, yellow table ware and of course everyone wore something yellow.
The cake turned out well.. okay. Let’s just say It tasted good, but if I had a day job I’d be keeping it. I realised that it is incredibly hard to ice the side of a two layer cake on a hot day when the icing is melting, and that I really should have practiced using an icing bag before attempting the actual cake. Oh well, next years can only be better, right? And as someone said to me on the day: ‘Look at it this way, by the time he’s 21 you’ll be making the most amazing masterpieces ever.’ Thanks NanaO.
All in all the company was lovely, the presents were incredible and the food was nice too.
Happy birthday my son.
Of course, amongst the happiness of the birthday was the ever-present stress about craft 2.0. It is of course THIS Saturday, meaning I have exactly two days to completely finish and pack everything. I would like to say that I’m right on track, but alas, nearly everything that was on my list on Friday last week is well,.. still on the list. Oh well. It does mean though that this will be my last blog for a little while.
To those of you who’ll be there this weekend, I’ll see you Sat (I should hope everyone who lives near wellington will be coming!), and to the rest of you, well, I’ll see you early next week! Take care!


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What are you talking about? That cake looks fabulous!
Good luck with craft 2.0

Comment by J.

amazing cake- you have skills!
see you on sat…

Comment by melissa

That cake looks really really good to me!
(And as we say over here in Dutch; “in je buik gaat het toch kapot” (“it breaks down in your belly anyway…”, so, never worry if something doesn’t look the way you wanted it to, if it tastes great, it is great! :))
Good luck with craft 2.0! If I lived near Wellington, I would surely stop by, but it’s not on my route… 😉 Looking forward to seeing pictures tough…

Comment by M%n

The cake looks fab! & Aesop looks very cool in that cap.;-)

Comment by Fiona

What a cute little cake maker 🙂
I am sooo excited about Craft 2.0! I get to buy one of your bags for starters. And since I work at the Spotlight craft counter all these people are coming to buy supplies for their projects and it sounds like Craft 2.0 is going to rock! And cost me a fortune. I’m gonna have to sell stuff in the next one to pay for the stuff I buy this weekend.

Comment by Steph

the cake is so cute! and i love the photo of aesop and the batter 🙂
good luck on craft 2.0!! how i wish i could be there.

Comment by amisha

I think the cake looks great!!! and what a good idea to do a color theme!!!! boys share thier b-day (same day 3 years apart) and we always fight over the theme and usually end up with two…maybe I’ll throw the color idea out there this year and see if they will go for it!!!! Great IDEA!!!

Comment by barb

The ball bag I bought is just perfect, perfect size, perfect shape, perfect look.. Love it so much..

Comment by Morgan

sounds like the party went well. how was craft 2.o I am really interested in hearing about it as I would like to know how it compares to craftwerk. is 2.0 going tio be a regular thing?

Comment by kimberlee and lies

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