She returns!
March 20, 2007, 5:23 pm
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I arrived home yesterday evening after my much-awaited trip to Wellington (and to craft 2.0).
All in all it was a pretty successful weekend.
In true Rhiannon fashion I somehow just happened to get some gross vomiting bug/ travel sickness that lasted most of the weekend, but in between rushes to the bathroom (which was conveniently close to my stall) I served many a lovely customer, sold many a hoodie, met many, many new people and many who I’d sort of already met through the Internet (Hi ladies!) and listened to some beautiful music.
Craft20 Craft201
Due to my lovely stomach, and therefore lack of nutrition, it seems I completely forgot to take any real pictures in my whole time in Wellington. These two badly lit shots of my stall are the only photographic evidence of my journey. I wish I’d had the energy to take more pictures, especially of all the other beautiful crafters. There was talent abound in that place, let me tell you. As well as my good old favourites, I discovered a few new beautiful talented faces including cloud of birds, and Ramari Textiles. Oh and I got to buy things/trade things with my official new favourite NZ crafters Paper Tin. They really are so incredibly clever.
I owe huge thank-yous, especially to Sue and Martha for rides, places to stay, cute children, photographs and musicians, words of encouragement, organisational skills and all round lovely, clever niceness. I would like to also thank Thom for a very delightful, sunny morning of coffee, wandering and great multi-leveled stories. Thank you soooo much to Lou (and Tony!) for coat-hangers, company, rides, support and loveliness. Thanks to Stacey (and flatties) for mousakka, spiceworld, hula hooping and 20 questions. Thanks to Dandylion for stocking me and for encouraging words, And thanks to well… everyone for a lovely, successful weekend. I can’t wait for next time!

Now to spring clean the house and the studio and start all over again!


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It was so cool meeting someone whose blog I read in real life. It’s hardly a surprise that you sold lots of stuff. Your work is so well made. I absolutely LOVE my ball bag and take it everywhere. Totally worth every cent. Thank you so much!! But next time I’m going to be selling my own bags so you’ll have competition then!!

Comment by Steph

Sounds like the rest of your weekend was lotsa fun – it was very bizarre and a slight come-down for me being home in PN doing kid-bedtime duties after the craft 2.0 whirlwind. Ah well – at least I got down to the event.

I’ll look through my bags for the cards and send ’em soon.

x Helen

Comment by Helen

hope you are feeling much better now

Comment by kates

HOoray! So glad to hear you had a fun time and sold lots of stuff! Do you have much left? You need to give us the low down on your ball bags and such….. did they like the prices that you worried about? So, so curious! Glad you had fun regardless of the stomach stuff!

Comment by Judi

It was lovely to see you – albeit only for snippets of time!
Hope you’re feeling better and get to have some well earned rest!

Comment by Rachelle

Yes, it was lovely to see you. I’ve been wearing my new hoodie quite obsessively – I love it, you rock. I’m glad you had a nice tiime in Wellies – I only wish I got to see more of you. Hope you’re feeling better and I’ll write something proper very soon.

xx Rach xx

Comment by rachael

hurrah! congratulations on a super successful weekend… i knew you would sell lots 🙂

Comment by amisha

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