Christmas in March?
March 22, 2007, 11:41 am
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My sweet, and very, very talented friend Rozi turned up on my doorstep this morning with two HUGE big black rubbish bags full of vintage clothing.
She’s the queen of vintage, and her ‘wardrobe’ is a choc-a-block rail full of clothing that spans nearly the whole length of her long, long bedroom. And luckily for me she was cleaning out her ‘wardrobe’ ready for her big move to the city, and she decided I was to be the lucky recipient of some of her extras.

Roziloot1 Roziloot2 Rozilootthree

There are far too many beautiful frocks and things to photograph them all, this is a little taste of the wonderfulness. The sad part though? They’re TINY. Some of them have a mere 66cms in the waist (26"), and the pile of things I can squeeze into pales in comparison to the huge pile of things that I can only admire. There are a few things I could perhaps slither into if I dropped another five or ten kilos, but 66cms is something I could never achieve, even through the most drastic of measures.haha.

What I really need is another clothing rail in my studio. One for things I make and one for impossibly tiny, beautiful vintage dresses that I will look at, stroke and sigh over. It’s decided.


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oh honey girl
tell me about it! I love vintage dresses but they cannot cope with my abundant frame. Many a time I have picked up the most beautiful vintage dress and felt as though I was holding doll clothes. pshaw.

All hail the Amazon warrior build! and be proud of your womanhood
love love

Comment by kimberle and Lies

How beautiful is that last dress?


Comment by The Shopping Sherpa

oh, how i love those dresses. Especially the last one. Yes, a ‘display’ rack in your house is a necessity.
what a generous friend you have!

Comment by melissa

oh my flippin goodness. How marvellous. I love that first one. It must have been lke gong through treasure.

I have sold 2 more of your sale tops (the ones that have been around P.N for awhile. Both to Hannah – she’s really stoked with them. I’ll send you the casheroonies next week).


Comment by rachael

Oh so lovely dresses, you could use them in a trade or you could sell them.
I have a quite cool leaf green dress made out of winter fabric with a stylish overcoat that I would be willing to swap. I sense a vintage, retro dress post coming on

Comment by kate Shuttleworth

those dresses are lovely… what a wonderful gift! i have the same issue with the vintage dresses, alas, with my (ahem) ampleness. i would be tempted to cut them for the fabric if they were too small but i love the idea of displaying them and learning from the styles + construction.

Comment by amisha

+ when you’re done admiring the smaller ones – you could always flick the ones you aren’t 100% in love with off on trademe.

What a lucky score!
x H

Comment by Helen

But nobody has a 66cm waist, surely? I used to be the skinniest minnie in school but I never had a waist that small. Certainly haven’t now! They make lovely wall hangings though, that brown floral one on the right of the middle pic is particularly beautiful.

Comment by alice

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