Boxing day?
March 24, 2007, 2:45 pm
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With me still being on a bit of a craft-break, after the very hectic rush to finish things over the last few weeks, I was a little worried about what I could blog about.
But luckily for me, Rozi arrived with even MORE stuff. So voila! something to blog about!
Rozilootno2again Rozilootno2again1 Rozilootno2again2
This haul was the accessories haul. Multiple beautiful handbags, a little bamboo sewing box, sequined purses, scarves, belts, a nighty, a corset, some barkcloth curtains, and of course.. jewellery.

Rozilootno2_2 Aesopleopardglasses_2
Aesop absolutely loved the leopard print glasses, and I might be a little biased but I really think he pulls them off better than anyone else I can think of. Me personally, I think I might be more inclined to dive for the fake pearls first, although the animal print aviators are quite spectacular! hah!

All in all I’ve had the most amazing things from Rozi and I’m so thankful. It looks like the gift goddesses are smiling on me lately, and the thrift gods too. I had the most amazing fabric scores this morning at the op shop. I’ll pick them up on Monday (it’s hard without a car to organise to pick things up, luckily the ladies at the shops are quite patient!) and I’m so excited. Lots of good plain fabrics for suspender skirts, and my soon-to-be-designed new winter skirts too. yay!

And another thing, a little off topic. I’m loving Kimya Dawson’s music at the moment. She sings with the moldy peaches and she has the most incredible, unique voice. She sings about politics, love and the usual things, but she does it in such an amazing way. Her voice makes me smile big smiles and I find myself pressing the repeat button after every song.


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More great stuff! Lucky YOU! That patchworky fabric bag looks so sweet – it all looks amazing, actually.

I love Kimya Dawson AND the ‘Peaches! “WHO-WOO-OOO’s got the CRACK?” etc Ther’s some cool footage on YouTube of her performing hugely pregnant.

BTW – excited to hear you are doing skirts again soon – I love your skirts a lot.

Thanks for the great blog post – was feeling all “blah” now I feel a bit cheered up.

x Helen

Comment by Helen

Aesop is rockin’ in those sunnies.

Comment by Steph

hey very cool collection!!!

Comment by kate Shuttleworth

that picture of aesop just made my whole day!

Comment by amisha

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