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March 25, 2007, 6:47 pm
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I’ve been really struggling to juggle all of the things in my life lately.
I feel so torn between sewing, study, family, time to myself and boring daily chores like housework.
I really haven’t been feeling like I’ve been getting nearly enough done in well, any of these areas of my life.
I’ve been too busy sitting on my big bottom watching TV and cuddling.
Either that or sitting on this brain draining contraption, communicating with what seems like fairytale characters in other lands, nosey-ing at photos of beautiful creations and the art and creativity of those beautiful creations, and generally flitting around wasting precious time.
I can’t get motivated to get back into things, and then when I do get motivated I let everything else slide while I lunge completely into the task at hand. I really don’t know how people manage to find enough hours in the day to get everything done.
Part of me really wishes I could put my Internet usage at only a set time each day, say an hour in the evening or something. But I’m not even sure that would help. I think I would need some sort of robot with a sharp stick who was ready to poke me in the back everytime I started doing something other than what I need to be doing.
Anyway, the point of this long ramble, is that, among other things, I need to start keeping my house a little tidier. In the manic pre-craft 2.0 rush I completely neglected my house-keeping duties, and it seems the habit has stuck. I find myself leaving dishes around, not putting things away and generally being a lazy slob.
So today I tidied and remembered some of the things I love about my little house.


My book collection has grown quite nicely lately with the latest additions of a book about the wonderful Aubrey Beardsley ‘s drawings (his slightly less scandalous ones!) and a book that I won from the Phantom billstickers mag,  (oh my! I actually won something!) called wall and piece,  about the ever-awesome Banksy. My wardrobe has, of course, also grown quite substantially lately too, after my amazing loot from Rozi. And my little shrine in the ‘guest toilet’ is also about to grow with the addition of a painting I bought recently at the op shop for only $2! (I’ll have to take a photograph.)
My house does make me smile, I need to remember to look after it a little better!


Aesop’s little room makes me smile too. His kitchen is almost better equipped than mine, after his recent birthday  gifts of a working, popping ‘Philips’ brand toaster and a jug for making ”cuppa tea’ from Aunty Holly. His beautiful rainbow fuzzibunz, which will hopefully soon not be so necessary (the potty is no longer the enemy!), and his huge collection of books and soft toys. He’s a lucky boy.

Life is so good right now. I guess perhaps I just need to relax and enjoy it a little more.


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I love the bookcase with the neat stacks of books and the knitting baskets. My father is going to make me a bookshelf made from rimu he’s picked up at various demo sites, and I think I’ll ask him to make me one like yours. I like things that go inside things. I am NUTS about storage.

Comment by Kimberley

your house looks lovely. i’m with kimberley on the shelving unit. is that the same one you had here?
A and K would be very jealous of that play kitchen, by the way. soon Aesop will be bringing you cups of tea in the morning… excellent.

Comment by melissa

Hi Rhiannon,

Its a great idea to stop and pick things up abit.. I too feel torn between housework, parenting, studies, sewing and family.. Time is never enough.

Take care and Relax!!

Comment by Diana

Hi Im a fellow New Zealander
like the look of your blog
I have to clean up my kitchen tomorrow
u did a good job and I like your sons kitchen

Comment by jen

hi there dear. there is very little time in the day for sure… i am feeling that as well… but there is nothing like a little step back to look at things to make you see how lovely they are. you’ve inspired me to do a bit of a clear out to appreciate the house again 🙂 i love looking at it when it is fresh and clean!
lovely little corners of the home you’ve shared here… i’m particularly loving the vintage coat area 🙂

Comment by amisha

Your home looks lovely from what I see here. 🙂
Love the kitchen set!

Comment by Fiona

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