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March 26, 2007, 9:17 pm
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I’ve been brainstorming today.
I’ve got two major ‘projects’ I’m working on at the moment. The first is, of course, my Winter skirts and dresses. This, thankfully seems to be coming along quite nicely.
Sketches Pattern1
Basically I want to make short jumper-like dresses, using an only slight-modified version of the pattern on the right (which is from the early 70’s). The dress on the right in the picture, but with different pockets. I want big pockets which are gathered along the top and that don’t sit flat on the dress. I want to make the dresses from beautiful wool blends, and nice thick plain cottons and linens, and have contrasting patterned pockets from vintage cottons.
The skirts will be a modified version of the pink skirt. They will be just below the knee in length, and the pockets will be much bigger, and more rounded, with contrasting top stitching. The insides of the pockets will be bright, bold vintage patterns and the skirts will be again, plain wool blends, cottons and linens. I might also do some patterned skirts with plain pockets. They’ll sit on the waist (the actual waist), and hopefully I’ll make some sort of top to go with them.
So luckily for me all that is left is to grade the patterns, draft the alterations and get sewing!
My other project on the other hand is going to take a little more brain work.
We’ve been invited to a cocktail party not this weekend but next. Sounds good right?
And it’s a themed cocktail party, sounds even better, right?
Except that they haven’t given us a theme. It’s a ‘surprise’ theme, where we have to choose our own, and basically just have the best idea, annnd the best costume.
The tricky bit? I have exactly NO money to put into my costume, and not alot of time either.
Fullcostume2 Makeup2
A few years ago in Nelson, about 14 weeks pregnant, we went to a costume party with the theme ’17th century pimps and ho’s’ (or at least I think that’s the right century?), I quite enjoyed the theme (the party itself only lasted 30mins before I got dizzy from the corset and smoke.. hmm) so we decided maybe we’d give it another go, now that I’m without child, and substantially smaller.
If you can excuse my pathetic excuse at drawing in paint, this is what I’m thinking. The same corset as last time, although I’m considering dyeing it black (will that work?), a gathered boobtube type covering, a huge big black tulle skirt (which I wore to my 5th form ball), perhaps with some sort of bustle. I think I’ll give the white face thing another go, with the rosy circles on the cheeks and bright red lipstick.
My hair is alot shorter this time around, but I can’t afford a wig, so I’ll just tease it right up and pin it with some flowers. What do you think? Any helpful suggestions?
Abraham has a three piece brown woolen pinstripe suit which will be perfect. We’ll find him a top hat of sorts, and his brother has some wingtips that might be able to be borrowed. It’s so easy for guys.
Do you think we can pull it together? Or more importantly, pull it off?


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sounds like your going to be creative and busy
good to be recycling too

Comment by jen

Pockets on dresses are my one of my favourite things : )

Comment by esther

I’m still getting use to the whole wearing skirts on the waist thing – dresse are a bit different. I’m definitely a pocket person. Lots of my outfits end up beibg pocketless (like today) and I always have my hands too full!! Pockets are good and stylish pockets are even better. I’m not too sure about the ho thing – but you will look fabulous in that outfit. Maybe you could be called something else though…straining for ideas and don’t have any of course. I could say more about pimps but I won’t bore you. Love the make-up job in the top pics. You’re gorgeous.


Comment by rachael

hello cute woman! those pictures of you are very sweet, and the costume looks fabulous… you have a much more adventurous closet than i do 🙂 i wonder about the dyeing of the corset… i think it depends on what it’s made of, right? and the quality of dye. i have tried to dye some things black that came out a bleh gray, but i think it was because i was using not-very-good dye.
and i am so excited for your winter clothes. the dresses sound lovely! and i love all the big-pocket ideas.

Comment by amisha

The costume looks fab! All ideas super as usual!

Comment by Rachelle

Fab ideas for new Toast clothes! Have fun at the party!

x Helen

Comment by Helen

did you do those fashion illustrations? very nice. your winter wear ideas sound fantab… you should update your site when you finish them. I am sure loads of people would be waiting with their bank account details handy 🙂

Comment by kimberle and Lies

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